Which University has the Lowest Tuition Fee In Canada?

We all know that there are many universities in Canada. Yes, that’s true! Canada consists of ten (10) provinces and about three territories.

In each province and territory, there are universities where both domestic and international students apply for admission.

You can recall that we made a post about the Cheapest Places to Study in Canada. We stated the amount of money an international or domestic student will spend to study abroad in Canada depending on the province where their preferred institution of study is.

So, today we want to discuss the cheapest University in Canada.

Understanding The Concept Of The Cheapest School In Canada

Because you heard us saying the cheapest University doesn’t mean that the school is not offering excellent educational services to students. Still, it’s just that its tuition fee amount is affordable.

Which University has the Lowest Tuition Fee In Canada?

The school, despite the University’s tuition fee, do offer great service to the student. Little wonder people say, “Don’t mind the body, but listen to the engine stimulating”.

I’ve been privileged to come across some schools where tuition fee is totally low, and I’ll be like, “These people don’t have any good thing to offer because their standard is poor”. But, my assumption was incorrect when I happen to be an interviewer to the University’s product. Guys, this lady was a genius! From then, I learned a lesson.

Why am I saying this here? The answer is just simple. Upon seeing this University listed as the cheapest in Canada, parents may think that the school is just below standard, which is why their fee is low. Truthfully, the narrative is not always as you think.

This University, which is said the be the lowest tuition fee university in Canada, tends to share similar admission requirements with other top-notch and highly expensive Canadian universities.

With reference to our earlier made publication, it was made known to our readers that before an applicant is considered suitable for admission in Canada, the student must have;

  1. Proof of Language Proficiency (English or French, whatever is applicable)
  2. Proof of Monetary Funds / GIC certificate
  3. Previous / Latest Degrees and Certificates
  4. Application Form
  5. Resume / CV
  6. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  7. Letters of Recommendation for Masters and PhD. Programs

But, most at times, the University may have its unique requirement. So do well to research more about the university admission requirement that suits your identity (domestic or international student).

At this point, let answer our biggest question of the day.

Which University has the Lowest Tuition Fee In Canada?

Upon receiving a series of emails and WhatsApp messages from students intending to study abroad asking about which of the Canadian universities has the lowest and most affordable tuition fee amount, I was deeply bothered about finding a satisfying answer to their question. Do you know what I did? Of course, you may or you may not.

Let me give you an expo of what I did. “I spend my day and night time doing researches about universities in Canada; I was busy comparing and contrasting between various schools to provide edible answers to their question.

After all that, I finally arrived at a satisfying answer.

Firstly, I came to find out that among all the ten provinces and territories in Canada, the cheapest place a student can consider studying abroad in Canada due to their low financial budget is NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR.

That was how I proceed to find out the Tuition fee amount for universities in that province. I came across and landed at the “Memorial University of Newfoundland”, and believe me; this is the University that has the Lowest Tuition Fee in Canada.

So now, the answer to this question, “Which University has the Lowest Tuition Fee In Canada?” is “Memorial University of Newfoundland.”

About “Memorial University of Newfoundland”

Popularly known as Memorial University or MUN, the Memorial University of Newfoundland is a public university located in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

The University has other study campuses in Canada and England.

MUN offered over 2000 degree programs to both national and international students.

They offered Certificates, diplomas, Bachelor’s, Graduate diplomas, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs at low tuition amounts. The University is well recognized for its medical, nursing, engineering, and business programs.

Memorial University is an excellent driven university with the lowest tuition fees amount in Canada.

Now, let’s see the tuition fee amount of the Memorial University of Newfoundland so that you’ll be convinced that it has the lowest tuition fee in Canada.

How Much is Memorial University of Newfoundland Tuition Fees

The tuition fee amount of this school is just CAD 10,700 compared to other universities in Canada that you’ll be seeing from 12,000 or 14,000 CAD upward.


To get more information about Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), including their tuition fee for international and domestic students, you are advised to visit the school’s official website https://www.mun.ca/.

You’ll see information about the school on their website, but you may still not be satisfied with that info.

So, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the school website; you will see a list of pages to click, click on the Contact Us.

On the contact us page of the MUN website, you’ll see the contact information for all Memorial University of Newfoundland Campus. You can either call them through phone call using any of the provided telephone numbers OR send an email containing your questions to them.

Meanwhile, if you want to send a postal mail to them, call them, or send an email message, make sure to ask them all you want to know about the University. They will also throw questions to questions, so provide honest answers to them.

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