WES Canada Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

Here in this post, you’ll see answers to some frequently asked questions on WES CANADA.

Sometimes applicants experience difficulties during their application and they are kind of confused if there is something they didn’t do right.

Before I treat the important questions, I know that there are many people out there who are still wondering about “What Wes Canada is all about” and on that note, I will give you a brief introduction of what is WES Canada.

Wes Canada Frequently Asked Questions


World Education Services which is abbreviated as WES is an organisation that offers credential evaluation services for international students and immigrants who are aspiring to undergo their study or work in the U.S. and Canada.

So, in Canada, The World Education Services (WES) is appointed by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to give Educational Credential Assessments (ECAs).

WES has their operation in Canada situated in Toronto, Canada

What is ECA?

Educational Credential Assessments (ECA) are used to evaluate degrees and diplomas that are acquired outside Canada.

This assessment is simply carried out to prove the authenticity/validity of a foreign degree, diploma, or certificate (or other proof of your credential) to meet with the required one in Canada.

The credential verification process is wholly digitised and direct server-to-server files from partner institutions are welcome for evaluation. In further sayings, WES CANADA does approve and verify direct server-to-server files from partner institutions.

Your entry profile must contain your ECA report and the reference number.

The ECA report may be needed when you are applying for a Job in Canada.

So now, let’s move down to our topic of discussion for today;-

WES Canada Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the World Education Services evaluation process.

1. What is the Fastest Way to Obtain WES Credential Evaluation?

If you want to get your evaluation report very fast, you have to ensure that you’ve finished the application process and as well make your online payment successfully.

Also, you have to make that all the required documents are made available for evaluation (submit them on time).

Sending your documents electronically can fasten the process, so always get to know if your sending institution is accredited to send your documents electronically.

2. Does WES Provide Translation Services?

The answer to this question is “NO”. The World Education Services doesn’t offer translation services in any form and as such, applicants are to send all documents using English (with some exceptions for French in Canada).

3. How to Know if your School is Eligible to Submit Documents Electronically to WES?

You can recall that I said earlier before now that sending your document electronically can fasten the WES credential evaluation report receiving process.

So, if you want to know if your school can submit electronic documents to WES, the first thing you have to do is scrutinise the Required Documents page. On the page, you’ll see the requirements for your country (or territory) and institution.

On checking the page, if you can’t find edible information that helps you to find this out, you don’t have to panic because your school may still be allowed to send your document to WES electronically.

In addition to the aforementioned ways, WES said that they encourage you to have a representative from your institution contact them using the Contact Us page on their official webpage and then select the “Other” category on the contact form.

WES will then investigate the electronic transmission opportunities with your institution.

4. What should I do if all efforts to have my transcripts sent to WES have been unsuccessful?

There is every tendency that after you might have completed and submitted your application for evaluation, your transcripts may still not be sent to you.

So, if you are experiencing this, my simple advice to you is that you should contact your school to know what could have been the issue and the available option they have for you.

The school you applied for may have someone who is good at submitting electronic documents on your behalf to WES.

Once your required documents are received, WES will then start the evaluation process ASAP.

5. Are WES Offices Currently Open?

Yes, the World Education Services (WES) has been open throughout the pandemic period and till now.

According to them, they said that they are working committedly and tirelessly to ensure that they make sure that you actualize your intentions in Canada.

However, during the covid period, their physical locations were closed for a short-term in agreement with the local safety regulations, and their staffs were granted access to work remotely in order to help process thousands of documents.

But now, they are fully back on ground and their physical office is currently open for operations.

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