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UTME 2021: Things to Do before your exam day



As the much anticipated 2021 JAMB UTME commences tomorrow June 19th, we believed that candidates should be stirred up towards a successful examination. We really hope you’ve been studying and your mind is well prepared for the task ahead.

Because we never hesitate to support and encourage our students in their aspirations, we have created a list of things you should do the day before your exam.
UTME 2021: Things to note before your exam day

Eat Good Food

Make an effort to eat a decent meal. It’ll make you feel happy and give you a boost that’ll get you ready for the next day.


Sleep on Time

Avoid going to bed late the night before the exam so you can give your brain time to rest. The few moments before you go to bed is a wonderful time for memorization.  You can use the few moments to go through some past questions in the JAMB CBT Software and/or the JAMB Mobile App, Learning before you sleep helps improve retention but be sure not to overdo it. Don’t read overnight into the day of your examination. Go to bed early, your brain needs to rest for optimum performance during the exam.


Prepare to Wake up on Time

Set as many alarms as possible to ensure you wake up on time. You can get a sibling, parent or any family member to wake you up too, if you’re still worried about over-sleeping. Just make sure you get to the exam on time.


On the day of the exam;

Get There Early

  • We hope you’re familiar with the location of your exam centre by now, as we had earlier advised. If not, be sure to locate your centre today, before your exam. Get to your examination centre on time. Do all you can to be at your venue 30 minutes before your exam.

Don’t Drink Too Much Water

  • Don’t drink too much water, just a little will be fine. Don’t worry about Dehydration, it is not going to be a problem during the exam, but drinking too much water and needing to go to the toilet every five minutes is.

Avoid going to the exam with any of the JAMB prohibited Items 

We earlier published a list of items you should not take to the exam hall. Please check the list on this link: JAMB List of Prohibited Items For 2021 UTME Candidates During The Exam


When you get to the UTME exam centre; 

  • Ensure that your Biometric Verification is done. This is very important. If it is not done, you should ask for it.
  • When in the exam room, sit comfortably and spread out. It’s proven that when we physically make ourselves larger, by spreading our arms or leaning back on the chair, this releases a type of hormone which makes us more confident.
  • Read and follow instructions carefully.
  • Start with a subject you’re strong in. Don’t waste time on difficult questions, move to the next.
  • Answer all questions.

All the Best! You’ll do great.

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