Top 7 Paying Jobs Nigerians do Abroad, Number 5 will shock you.

The top 7 paying jobs Nigerians do abroad that wowed most people will be revealed to you in this article. The level of unemployment in Nigeria is one of the top reasons lots of Nigerians are leaving to developed countries. The Guardian in 2016 published an article which stated that most of the jobs undertaken, were jobs Nigerians would deem unfit for them in their own country. Although there were also some good jobs in the mix of the list.

Below is a list that contains most of such jobs:

Top 7 Paying Jobs Nigerians do Abroad, Number 5 will shock you.


1. Teaching: For those in the literary field, getting a teaching job in colleges outside the country is another way to secure jobs abroad. Many have been able to apply for a PhD and to teach while they get it in instead of paying tuition fees.

2. Farming:  Farms in the US are far better than farms in Nigeria, therefore lots of Nigerians will always gladly prefer to work in better conditions, for a better pay and they get to work with machinery and equipment.

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3. Taxi drivers: Large number of the Taxi drivers are Nigerians  with a university degree, who have to get some sort of certification to be employable and so have taken to driving taxis to keep life going for them.


4. Registered Nurses: For most Nigerian women, this is the dream job, even their male counterparts are joining in the quest. They earn an averagely about $66,220 which is about N23 million annually, with high ranking nurses making as much as $96,320 (N34m) and some earning less than $45,630 (N16m).

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5. Mortuary assistants: This has to do with the washing of dead bodies in another man’s land, although lost of Nigerians make a joke out of this which reflects the reality. Many Nigerians work in mortuaries to earn a living abroad.

Top 7 Paying Jobs Nigerians do Abroad, Number 5 will shock you.

6. Information Communication Technology (ICT) Knowledge of ICT or IT as it is more commonly addressed is one easy way to get a job abroad. Seeing that it does not require as much certification as conventional jobs but only deals with skills, young Nigerians are plugging into the system and landing stable, well-paying jobs.

7. Factory work: Nigerians, and by extension Africans can be found in most factories, doing the tedious work and heavy-lifting to earn a living.


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