Steps On How to Write an Application Letter

Often time Lots of Job seekers are faced with questions like How do i write an application letter that can land me my  desired job?

Bellow are the Tips on How to Write an Application Letter:

Practicably we’ve come across lots job seekers who do not always see the need or necessity as to why they should write an application letter when are applying for a job  because of negligence owing to the fact that sending only their CV’s will do or is Enough to land that job, But in this article I am going to be exposing you to the importance of applying for a job with an Application Letter, not neglecting the fact that Your CV greatly contains all the necessary information that the recruiter/employer needs to know about you, but sometimes your CV alone may not be able to do the job of helping you get your dream Job.

No doubt that Your CV may do a fantastic job of showing that you have the skills and education required to excel in a particular position, but it may not be doing well at telling your prospective employer that you are the best hand the job needs.

Steps On How to Write an Application Letter

This is where the necessity of an application letter comes in. A job application letter can dazzle & properly inform an employer and distinct you from other applicants. When writing an Application letter, you could also to express your familiarity/Knowledge about the company to which you’re applying. You can point out the alignment of  your professional goals and aspirations with the company’s goals. It’s imperative to use your job application letter to sell of your personality and Potentiality.

Are you are tired of getting rejected every time you apply for a job vacancy? I urge you to consider writing a job application letter that will help you express your profound interest towards your desired job. Let’s look at a few things below:

  • What an application letter Entails
  • Importance of an application letter
  • Difference between an application letter and a resume letter
  • How to write an application letter
  • Application letter examples

What is a job application letter?

A job application letter is a written standalone formal file that is submitted to a prospective employer or recruiter to indicate your interest in an open  Vacancy. An application letter usually tells who you are either as a professional or as an individual. The letter should pin point your goals, achievements and skill sets, helping to capture/ arouse the attention/interest of the hiring individual or recruiter reviewing them.

Steps on How to write an application letter

To achieve a highly intriguing & catchy job application letter, you should  follow these steps carefully outlined for you Below:

  1. Make research about the company and position
  2. Make it well Tailored & Direct
  3. Make it concise and Brief
  4. Address the letter to the appropriate individual
  5. Make use of a Quality & Decent Paper
  6. List your experience, qualifications & Success
  7. Append arears of your personality
  8. Show of appreciation
  9. Do a Proper Proof reading
  10. Properly End the letter

1.Make research about the company and position

In writing an application it is imperative to be well informed about the company and position you’re applying for, It’s best practice to always write a fresh application letter for each position you’re applying for, so you can include detailed information peculiar to that open role. Spend quality time researching about the company information by going thru their web pages or Social Media Handles, as well as the listed position. Make sure your qualifications and experience fits in with the listed skills of that post.

2.Make it well Tailored & Direct

In Tailoring your application towards the job position that you are applying for and the company as well will give your employer the impression that you are ready & fit  for the job and the company.

Most Employers and recruiters always look forward to hiring people that are information and goal driven about the job position they’re applying for. Tailoring your application letter may be all you need to land the job of your dreams.

3. Make it concise and Brief

Although it is required of you to express and sell yourself to your prospective employers giving  reasons why you think you are best suite for the job, it is equally important for you to make it concise and as brief as possible. Most Employers are very engaged people who may not have much time to read & 0r review your application letter. Outline the purpose of your letter in the first paragraph because this is where the employer will likely look at first.

By including a professional and detailed first paragraph, you can make it easier for the hiring manager to follow up with you regarding the position.

4. Proper Address of Letter

While writing an application letter, one key thing you must take note of,  is the proper address of your letter to the appropriate person in charge. Try to find out the name of the person who the letter is supposed to be addressed to or who is going to be reviewing applications for the job. Address your letter to this person with a common business greeting, such as “Dear Sir/Ma’am.” If you’re not sure of the name or gender of the individual reviewing your application, you can use the generic “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Hiring Manager.”

5. Make use of a Quality & Decent Paper

When sending out a hard copy of your application letter, make sure you use a decent and quality paper. Don’t make use of any how kind of paper and always pay proper attention to the kind of pen you use. If you do that, your application letter will look scrappy and rough.

6. Outline your experience and qualifications

Make sure that the next few paragraphs of your letter should Convey your experiences, qualifications and skills, positioned in a way that fits with the company’s goals and mission. For example, if you are applying for a marketing job with Fintech Company that provides financial services, you could talk about your experience a marketer with Similar Fintech firms. Since a job application letter should stand on its own without a resume, it’s helpful to include details about your experience that relate to the position to which you’re applying.

7. Append arears of your personality (Be Polite)

When writing your job application letter, consider how you can incorporate aspects of your personality. A friendly, Polite and engaging letter tends to appeal to the reader easily, especially when they can get an idea of how well you might fit in the company.

For example, in the situation mentioned above, explain in your letter how you are good at engaging potential customer and converting them to buyers.

8. Show of appreciation

Before Closing off on your letter, express your gratitude to the hiring manager for reviewing your letter and considering you for the position. The hiring manager is taking out time of their busy schedule  to read what you have written, so expressing your gratitude for that time spent is a polite and professional way to close your letter.

For Example: “I sincerely appreciate the time you have taken out to review my application letter. I am extremely grateful for the time you have spent reading about me and what would make me a good fit for this position.”

9. Do a Proper Proof reading

Proof-reading your application letter will help you identify errors that will need you to fix before you send your application letter. You can read your application letter out loud to yourself to see some errors.

Check your spellings on your application letter and punctuation to achieve an error free letter. You can use to ensure an error free application.

10. Properly End the letter

It’s become a norm  that many  people use “Sincerely” or “Best” to close the letter, although any professional sign-off is fine to include. The final line of the letter should be your full name. If you submit a hard copy of the letter, include your signature above your typed name. When submitting an application letter via email, you should include your contact information beneath your name, rather than including it in the header.

Sending a job application letter

The format of your job application letter will depend on how you are sending it to the hiring manager or supervisor. If you plan to email the application letter, the formatting will differ from a printed, mailed letter. Your contact information should be at the bottom of an email, beneath your typed full name.

When emailing a job application letter, it is also important to consider what subject line to use to make sure the hiring manager opens the email and reads your letter. When scanning their inbox, the hiring manager will see the subject line you included first, along with your name and email address. The decision to read or delete an email ultimately depends on what subject line you choose, which means it is your chance to make a first impression.

The best subject lines are professional, polite, relevant and concise. When sending a job application email, it is important to include the title of the job into which you are inquiring or for which you are applying. Making your subject line specific also helps the reader categorize the email properly and respond accordingly. Review your subject line to make sure it is free of any errors.

Job application tips

When preparing for a job application letter, follow these tips to make sure your letter includes the information a hiring manager needs.

  1. Highlight your skills and abilities
  2. Be concise.
  3. Proofread the letter
  4. Take Note of Job listing keywords
  5. Send a letter for every position to which you apply

Simple Job application letter template

Your name
Your address
Your email address
Your phone number


(The employer’s contact information)

Name of HR Person
Title of hiring  supervisor
Company’s name
Company’s address

Salutation [Dear Mr./Ms/ Ma’am.],

Outline where you saw the job posting and express your interest in working in the advertised position.

Discuss some of your qualifications that would make you a good fit for the job.

Describe your past experience in a way that emphasizes your personality and skills, while also showcasing how you align with the goals of the company.

Express your appreciation to the hiring manager for reviewing your letter. Include any follow-up information, if applicable.

Closing [Sincerely, Best]
Your signature
Your name (printed)

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Job application letter example

Jason Obinna
21 Korah Street
Wuse 2, Abuja.
[email protected]

February 12, 2021

Blessing Peters
Sigma Consulting Limited
112 Lobe Street
Garki, Abuja.

Dear Blessing Peters,

With a very glad and joyful heart i write this application as a friend of mine recently recommended me for the position of a Human Resources Specialist  at the Sigma Consulting Limited  of which i have  a minimum of two years experience in this field.

In my previous experience, I worked in human resources departments to provide support across several different industries. I have worked in my current role as a human resources generalist for the past four years. Prior to this job, I worked as a human resources assistant for two years, which shows my ability to advance in my career.

I have a strong passion for helping others, which is why I have found such fulfillment in human resources, providing support to my fellow employees and assisting them in ways that benefit them both personally and professionally. I also enjoy looking for solutions to common HR problems, which I feel would be a great asset in the position with your company. Since this consultant position works directly with multiple clients, assisting them in their human resources needs, I believe my innovative nature and strong skill set will help me succeed.

I have strong communication skills, which are vital to success in the HR field. I also have a bachelor’s degree in human resources from Arizona State University. Throughout my education, I worked with skilled human resources professionals who have shared their insights and experience with me. Some of my strongest skills include my ability to increase employee retention through the improvement of company culture and to develop training and education programs to ensure all employees have access to the information they need to succeed and comply with legal requirements.

I appreciate your time in reviewing this letter and hope to hear from you in regard to the next steps in the hiring process. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


(Signature)– For hard Copies Only
Jason Obinna