Best Online PhD In Marketing Degrees You Should Consider Taking Today

Since the advent of the internet and the surge of online activities since the early 2000s, many academic programs like degrees have begun to be offered online.

Now, in this current time and age, we have online doctorate degrees available to students from all over the world. An online degree despite popular misconception, is not lesser than a traditional degree in any way. Also, just because you will be taking your PhD courses online does not mean earning the PhD will be easy.

Online degrees can get very difficult too, so you have to be very prepared when you enroll.

Online platform is just as valid as the traditional classroom / lecture room platform. Also, it will not be stated on your PhD degree certificate that you did your degree online. Your certificate will look just the same way with the traditional degree.

So, why not take advantage of the online PhD programs offered by universities?

Online PhD In Marketing Degrees

We are guessing you have already decided to go down the online learning path that is why you are here reading this piece about online PhD recommendations in Marketing right? Well then, we will not delay any further but get straight to the main juice of this piece.

Best Online PhD In Marketing Degrees

What are our best online PhD in Marketing degrees? Well, we have a good number of recommendations for you! See them below.

1. Trident University International

Trident University offers online PhD programs for qualified students in Business Administration where they can further specialise in Marketing. The PhD in Marketing program at this university is intended to develop the graduate student’s research skills to get better.

You can download the brochure for this PhD program at their website at You can also visit the link to know more about their admission requirements, the other core courses under Business Administration apart from Marketing, full information about their tuition and other fees and so on.

For a standard PhD course, the tuition fee per year of study is about $15,840. To apply for the Doctorate in Marketing at this university, you will pay a compulsory application fee of $75 which is non-refundable.

To apply, check the link above to visit their website. Because the PhD program is entirely online, it allows you some flexibility. This university is located in America.

2. Grand Canyon University

The PhD in Marketing course at Grand Canyon University is called “Doctor of Business Administration: Marketing (Quantitative Research)”. The DBA program is focused on Marketing.

This online degree program will combine theory with practicals to help admitted students who are aspiring to become big business leaders. The DBA helps students apply relevant data to solve business problems and ensure business growth.

All applicants to this online degree program should hold a Master’s degree in Business or a related field. Applicants should also have prior experience in the business field. Students will be trained entirely online on how to become experts in creating plans for sampling and collecting relevant business data.

To see full information about what the DBA is about, please visit the official Online PhD page at The program’s tuition fee is about $695 per course credit.

3. Walden University

You can earn your DBA in Marketing at Walden University entirely online. There are different DBA degree specialisations available at Walden University such as Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Energy Management, Human Resource Management and so on.

The Marketing specialisation helps students carry out investigations on marketing challenges and opportunities in the world. Students are equipped with the necessary skills required to excel and thrive in the global market place.

The university is accredited by ACBSP. A new session will start on September 7, 2020. Application is open to all international students. The tuition fee for DBA in Marketing at Walden University is about $18,810 for a 3.3 year completion period and about $990 per semester credit. Check the link below to read more at their website.

4. Liberty University

Online DBA in Marketing at Liberty University is made up of 60 Credit hours and will be completed in an average of 3 years. Classes are 100% online and there are 8-week courses. The next session for online DBA will start by August 24th, 2020.

The online Phd program is accredited by ACBSP and the degree will help to propel you and your business brand to greater heights in the corporate world. Tuition fee for online DBA in Marketing at Liberty University is estimated at $595 per credit hour. You can estimate your total cost for PhD program at their website at Also, visit the website for more detailed information and further questions.

The 4 Online PhD in Marketing degrees recommended above are the best of their kind. All programs are accredited and you are sure to climb even higher on the corporate ladder once you have earned your PhD.

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