OHIP Open Work Permit Employment Letter + How To Apply 2024

OHIP is a short form for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. This program creates room for citizens and immigrants with permanent resident permits who are living in the Ontario province of Canada to enjoy access to emergency and preventive care free of charge. It is worth noting that the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) program is run by the Ontario government.

I know some people are wondering where the government took the money to run such a life-saving program. So, let me brief you a bit on how the money is being generated.

OHIP Open Work Permit Employment Letter


The Ontario Ontario Health Insurance Plan according to our research is financed from;

  1. The payroll of deductible tax by well-paid employed Canadian residents and citizens
  2. Businesses running in the Ontario province
  3. Personal sponsorship from the Canadian Government and well-meaning citizens of the province.

Does OHIP Cover Every Medical Bill You Should Pay While Living in the Province?

This program (OHIP) doesn’t take care of bills for prescription drugs purchased outside dental care or hospitals.

But, there is this other program known as Drug Benefit Program;- This program (ODBP) foot the bills for prescription drugs meant for high-ranked citizens who are protected by the OHIP.

Additionally, I want to let you know that there is another program offered in this province that covers families with high prescription drug costs and the program is known as Trillium Drug Program.

Nonetheless, for young adults and people under 25 years, their Prescription drugs bills are covered by OHIP through OHIP+. That’s cool right!!!

Is OHIP Meant for Everyone Living in Canada?

Normally, it’s not everybody living over there in Canada that are qualified to be covered by this program (OHIP).

You have to meet their eligibility requirements before being considered fit to be under this coverage. I will list the eligibility criteria for you as we proceed.

OHIP Eligibility Requirements

1. According to Ontario’s Health Insurance Act, Anybody who wants to apply for this OHIP must either be a Canadian citizen or have a permanent residence permit or possibly be a holder of a work permit.

2. Applicants need to have made Ontario province his or her permanent and principal residence.

3. If you have applied for permanent residence, and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada and get a confirmation that you’ve surpassed their requirements and your application is successful, you can still go ahead to apply for this Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

NOTE: It’s a must that the applicant is physically present in Ontario for 153 days in any 12-month period.

How To Apply For OHIP?

If you want to apply for OHIP, the application process is done in person. This simply means that you’ll have to visit the service Ontario center.

However, before you go there, there are certain documents you need to carry along with you and the documents include;

  • A dully filled  Ontario Health Insurance Coverage registration form
  • Original copy of your identification documents.
    In this stage, there are three means of ID that will be needed from you. They are;-

    • Proof of your  Canadian citizenship or OHIP-eligible immigration status which may be your Canadian birth certificate or Permanent Resident Card.
    • A residential proof. This is to verify that you are living in Ontario province. This may be an Ontario Driver’s License, or income tax assessment.
    • Provide either your credit card or passport from any country that confirms your identity.

Ontario Open Work Permit Employment Letter Guidelines

If you are writing an application letter for the Ontario Open Work Permit Employment, you have to adhere to below given guidelines;-

  1. Ensure that the letter is on the employer’s company letterhead.
  2. The letter must be signed and dated by the employer using a pen [This is mandatory)


  1. Your letter must show that you are a full-time employee.
  2. Your letter must show your title/position of the worker and his/her occupation
  3. Your letter must state that the employee will be working for the company within the Ontario province of Canada.
    NOTE: The firm you will be working for doesn’t have to be situated in Ontario. But the letter show indicates the address or city that the worker will be working in Ontario.

Your OHIP Open work permit employment letter should not be:

  • Employment acceptance or offer letter
  • Photocopy, scan, email, or fax.


That’s the updated guidelines for Ontario open work permit employment letter.

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