Nipssing University Scholarships For International Students

Nipssing University is a degree-awarding institution that’s located in North Bay, Ontario City, Canada. It’s the 61st most ranked university in Canada and 2322nd worldwide. This makes the learning institution one of the top 17% colleges globally.

Also, higher-learning was established in 1992 thus it’s a fairly young university. Yet, they offer several programmes leading to a degree award in bachelor, masters, and phd as well as aid International students via providing them with financial support through scholarship programmes.

For both its undergraduate and postgraduate programs, International students are charged between $12,500 to 15,000 per annum. This makes this learning platform a somewhat affordable and cheap option.

Nipssing University scholarship

Nevertheless, this University provides some scholarship programs to help ease financial burden on foreign scholars. Listed below are some of the scholarship programs for international students provided by Nipssing University.

Nipssing University Scholarships For International Students

Below are Nipssing University Scholarships For International Students:

International ​Work Study Program

The International Work-Study program is a financial aid initiative for international students by Nipssing University. This scholarship is applicable to all part-time, and on-campus students. It’s only awarded to students with proof of low financial capacity. Moreover, it’s not a fully-funded scholarship program but is meant to financially support scholars and also (possibly) provide them with employment upon graduation.

Interested candidates are to contact the University’s international studies office via the mail;

Entrance​ Scholarships

Entrance scholarships are awarded to eligible full-time International students who are in their first year during the fall period (around September). It’s a grade-based financial aid program that’s available based on a candidate’s entrance admission scores. However, it’s only available for those whose application was accepted on 1st April. Once a candidate is admitted, this program allows them to be eligible for a conditional scholarship which will be reviewed with respect to subsequent academic performances. Tabulated below are the entrance scholarship programs by the Nipssing University;

Schulich Education Scholarship

This scholarship is available for only concurrent or consecutive education and bachelor of physical health & education. They must have >80% entrance admission grade and contribute positively to the host community.

Financial Aid Programmes For Upper Year Students

There are some financial aid packages for Full-ti​me scholars who are doing (or on) their upper year. The upper year starts from the second year and counts above. This monetary aid programme is awarded to International students whose 24 credits grades are better. However, it’s applicable in the fall/winter session.

International Student Bursary

Scholar must be in his/her 2nd year of study (in October) and should show proof of financial need. It’s applied via web advisor through Web Bursary application.

A.V. (Vern) McKinnon Memorial Award

This is a financial aid package that’s offered to international students in their third year. It’s only available to deserving History scholars and is coordinated by the faculty of Arts and Science, Nipssing University. The value of this scholarship is $500.

Agnes Macphail Scholarship

The Agnes Macphail Scholarship is a special financial aid programme that’s funded by Dr. Patricia Hughes. It’s awarded to full-time scholars who meet at least its requirement of 75% on five (5) consecutive courses. Interested students are to be passing into their second study year, and the scholarship cuts across different programs of study. This scholarship program whose value is $500 is coordinated by the faculty of Arts and Science.

Brent Saari Memorial Bursary

Brent Saari Memorial Bursary is a scholarship initiative for international students by Nipssing University. This scholarship aid is available for scholars studying across multi-disciplines and is available for upper year students.

Moreover, this bursary is awarded based on the student’s prove of financial need and is available from 1 October to 1 November every year. The award value of this financial aid is $300.

Brook Doseger Memorial Award

Valued for $300, the Brook Doseger Memorial Award is a financial aid program that is awarded to graduating scholars of (Bach.) Education. This applies to all Education international students irrespective of whether they are on Consecutive or Concurrent programs.

Eligibility requirements are that candidates must be into volunteering work, have passion for kid’s literature, and understand (his/her) fellow students. This financial aid programme is decided by the Schulich School of Education Student Awards Committee and coordinated by the Faculty of Education and Professional Studies/ Schulich School of Education.

Brown Family Bursary

The Brown Family Bursary is a financial aid initiative that provides $300 worth of scholarships to international students. This bursary requires applying scholars to provide proof of financial need and is awarded to students across different fields and disciplines of study. It’s available for upper year scholars and runs from 1 October to 1 November every year.

BSW Award for Outstanding Contribution to Professional Social Work Leadership in Northeastern Ontario

This financial aid award is given to the best fourth year BSW student with the highest grade point average.
This programme is awarded to a graduating fourth year BSW scholar with excellent social work leadership.

Carl Sanders Upper Year Scholarship

The Carl Sanders Upper Year Scholarship is a financial aid package for international students by Nipssing University. Meriting students are awarded with monetary aid ranging from $500 – $1000. It’s available for upper year scholars and applies during the Fall/Winter session. Students with a score of >80% receives $500, >85% collects $750, and >90% earns $1000 on their best 24 credits.

This scholarship programme is coordinated by the faculty of Arts and Science and spans across different fields of study. Nevertheless, scholars doing their consecutive Education degree programs and BSCN.SPP are not eligible for this offer.


Nipssing University offers lots of financial aid initiatives to deserving scholars to help ease some financial burdens on them. This non-profit public learning establishment offers a wide range of degree programmes, and international students can leverage on its generous monetary initiatives. Visit the institution’s awards page to stay updated on Nipssing university’s scholarship packages.

That’s the size of this article as we have been able to highlight the Nipssing University Scholarships For International Students. We believe you now have a place to study as an international student.

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