Mount Allison University Graduate Programs For International Students

Mount Allison University’s graduate programs for International students are quite a number, and so are their graduate programs.

Founded in 1839, Mount Allison University is 181 years old and is a well-known non-profit public institution in the Canadian province of Sackville. Sackville is a little province in Canada with a population of less than ten thousand people.

Mount Alisson university has a low population of students, this is because of the special consideration the institution takes in offering admission. The University is a small university ranked as the 49th best university in Canada and the small institution enrols an average of 3000 students per year. On world level, it ranks as the 1524th best university in the world. In short, Mount Allison University is called MTA.

The university is located in 62 York Street, Sackville, E4L 1E2 New Brunswick, Canada.

One obvious factor has kept the population of MTA minimal. That is the fact that Mount Allison University admits students at a moderate rate. Apart from that, the admission of students depends on their past academic rates.

Too much of failures in your high school results can see you get declined admission into MTA. Mount Allison University’s admissions office is in 62 York Street Sackville E4L 1E2 (506) 364 2269.

Mount Allison University could have fitted for a high school due to its size. This is because the University is a small one and has only three faculties.

These faculties are;

  • Faculty of science
  • Faculty of arts, and
  • The Social Sciences.

The university also provides financial aid and scholarships for international students who need them.

Mount Allison University Graduate Programs for International Students

Applying for Graduate programs in Mount Allison is a bit more time-taking than undergraduate programs. One advantage of getting a Master’s degree in Mount Allison is that the environment is small and conducive. Masters students of Mount Allison are by employers and internship programs because of the research and training they got during their study in MTA. However, few departments in MTA admits students for graduate programs.

The departments are just two; Departments of Biology and Chemistry.

Mount Allison University Graduate Programs for International Students

Department of Biology

The department of Biology at Mount Allison University offers six graduate programs. These are:

  • Field ecology
  • molecular ecology
  • Minimal physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Developmental biology

Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry in Mount Allison offers about seven graduate programs in different fields. These are:

  • Organometallic Chemistry
  • Main group chemistry
  • Medicinal, bio-organic, and bio-inorganic chemistry
  • Materials chemistry
  • Surface chemistry
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Nuclear resonance spectroscopy
  • Green chemistry

During or after your Master’s program, there are research opportunities in Mount Allison. Graduate students always have the opportunity to undergo researches sponsored by Mount Allison. This paves the way to a brighter doctorate study for MTA’s graduate students. Apart from that, there are a few other advantages of having your Graduate program at Mount Allison.

Admission Requirements for Mount Allison International Students

The admission requirements for Mount Allison University varies for different students. You are to visit Mount Allison’s admission site and input your details and preferred course. A pop-up shows your admission requirements for Mount Allison. International Students who want a Bsc. Program have the following requirements:

International Admission requirements

  • A university-preparatory language arts course
  • Minimum of four additional university-preparatory courses
  • A pre-calculus program is required for students applying to the Bachelor of Science program.

Admissions requirements vary according to country. All applicants of Mount Allison are assessed on an individual basis. So contact your admissions counsellor to know your admission requirements. Include all your information including your age and origin in your email to get a correct list of your admission requirements. For international applicants that schooled in other languages apart from English, translate your documents for easy understanding.

Scholarships in Mount Allison For International Students

Merit-based scholarships

Merit-based scholarships in Mount Allison are based on academic achievements and feats.

Need-based financial aid

Bursaries and Loans are provided at Mount Allison for students who need them. However, these loans are based on certain terms and conditions. The last source of funds is employment. Student employment is available for students who wish to work and earn to pay their fees. See the Best Recruitment agencies in Canada. See also Best Part-time work options for International students in Canada

Admission into Mount Allison

Regular admission MTA: A minimum final grade of 65% or the equivalent is required in all pre-university courses reviewed to be considered for regular admission. Early admission A minimum average of 80% from your final result from high/secondary school or ND/Hnd. is required to be considered for early admission.

Conditional Admission Offer: Mount Allison University also offers international students admission on probation. Applicants may meet Mount Allison University’s admission requirements but understand the English language may be granted a conditional offer of admission.

Such students must complete a pre-university English language program at one of MTA’s training institutes or provide enough evidence of English language understanding before their admission gets confirmed. However, admission requirements varies for different countries. For example, a Nigerian candidate applying for a Bsc. direct entry or fresh applicant needs the following to study at Mount Allison:

Minimum Entry Requirements for Nigerian applicants of Mount Allison University


A minimum score of C4 in five exams including: A minimum score of C4 in English, mathematics, and one science exam. Make sure to provide scratch card details for result verification. Nigerian applicants are to contact before submitting an application to Mount Allison University. Failure to do so may see your documents not assessed for admission by Mount Allison.

Graduating at Mount Allison University

MTA has many advantages for both international and native students of the school. When students of Mount Allison are close to graduation, Mount Allison Graduation Preparation Series (GPS) offers programs to help with their career and choices.

Advantages of Studying in Canada

There are many advantages of studying in Canada, and some of them are:

  • Opportunity to earn while studying in Canada
  • Possibility of continuing to live abroad after studies
  • Great Job Opportunities
  • Laboratory Research Opportunities

Conclusion – Mount Allison University Graduate Programs for International Students

After admission into Mount Allison’s University, make sure to get a valid study permit. After that, make sure to pay your fee as soon as possible.

A residential permit is also required for a seamless stay at Mount Allison. Scholarships and financial aid are also available for students who need them. This article lists the graduate programs in Mount Allison and also explains other important things about the school.

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