MacEwan University Tuition Fee For International Students 2024

As an undergraduate post-secondary university, MacEwan University tuition fees for International students is averagely cheap or perhaps much more affordable than other universities of its kind.

It has a character peculiar to itself which stands it as one of the best in its provincial occupancy (Alberta). It is also the first and among the pioneers of such post-secondary school education both in the province and Canada at large.

If you’re an international student willing to study abroad, particularly Canada and you’re seeking admission as an undergraduate, you’re likely to face a lot of challenges if your budget is somehow low.

It is indisputable that tuition fees in Canada are way more affordable and less compared to many other developed countries in the world. However, choosing within the country will also give you the liberty and entitlement to explore the least or perhaps the most affordable university within your budget.

MacEwan University Tuition Fees For International Students

For such person’s who are in a dilemma as to which university to choose for the undergraduate program, the MacEwan University is a very good choice. Solely the fees are cheap and the cost of living in the province of Alberta is optimally ok too.

MacEwan University Tuition Fees For International Students

Of course for many people, one of the first things to access about any foreign university before enrolling yourself as an international student is the tuition fees. Not everyone is in such a position to afford all the various university fees.

Just like they’re numerous such fees that are way cheaper and affordable, for you to start your journey of applying to any university outside your home country, it is very crucial to know which is which in order to determine the one suitable for your planned budget.

And verify one such university to consider is the Canadian MacEwan University. It has relatively the same amount of fees for all courses except a few courses which require other additional work.

The MacEwan University has 4 faculties namely;

  • Faculty of Health and Community Studies
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Fine Arts and Communication
  • School of Continuing Education

Talking about the University’s tuition fees for international students, the university also has a list of breakdown fees for international students applying from various parts of the world. Although it is not an open university as it is mainly for the US and 24 other qualified countries.

If you’re applying to MacEwan University, you’re likely to encounter other fees other than tuition fees. Such fees could be Visa application fee, medical exam fees, biometric fees, IELTs examination fees, and your overall budget while living in the country. 

These fees are also considered important hence must be settled before any successful application to the university. 

MacEwan Tuition Fee for International Students

For the international students, the average yearly tuition fees for the MacEwan university is CAD 16,327. For individual faculties, the Tuition fees in Canada are normally calculated by multiplying the number of course units per the credit tuition rate of all the programs. To get more accurate estimate on the tuition fee, we recommend using the Tuition Fee Estimator which is available on the MacEwan University Website.

Other Fees For International Students

Apart from the tuition fees, there are other fees you’re likely to pay before making a successful application as a foreign student to MacEwan University.

1. Visa Fee

Before going to any foreign country to study as an international student, you must obtain a credible passport and obtain a visa of the country you want to study. This is done after applying to the university of your choice and you’re offered admission by the university. Applicants are expected to present their letter of acceptance or admission letter when coming for the visa application.

Generally, the visa fee for Canada is different for all types of trips to the country. The application fee is $150. 

It is very important to note that some nationals of certain countries do not require a visa before traveling to Canada. Such nationals are expected to apply through the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). 

2. Cost of Living in Canada

Another type of fee you must budget before beginning your admission process to any Canadian university or college is your up-keeping fees.

Staying in Canada means you will have to pay bills. Before being admitted by any university or college, you must show proof of funds that you can cater for yourself during your stay in the country as the government of Canada or your university are not responsible for your living expenses except if you’re on any scholarship scheme.

3. Biometric Fees

Another type of fee you’re likely to encounter is the biometric fee. Depending on your country of nationality individuals are expected to undergo a biometric. Fingerprints and other detective elements are taken before the application is submitted for processing. 

The biometric is normally taken during the interview for the visa application. The fee is slightly different depending on your place of application. The biometric fee is $85 (CAD) with no additional service fee. Some countries may charge you for an additional service fee for using their services.

4. Medical Exam

During the course of the application to Canada as a student, you’re expected to undergo a medical exam before being allowed for visa application into the country.

Although not all types of application requires candidates to undergo medical exam. Trips below six months are not necessarily desired to undergo medical exam however if you’re applying temporarily for more than 6 months or as a permanent resident, medical exam is more than necessary as carriers of certain diseases are not allowed into Canada.

The medical exam fee for all types of individuals varies for different ages. For people between the ages of 0 – 14, the medical exam fee is about CAD140. Those between 15 to 75 are to pay the sum of CAD170 and CAD240 for those above 75.

The medical exam is normally done by any appointed physician by the Canadian embassy or visa application center. Such exams are done to check the eyes, heart, lungs, nose, and other crucial parts of the body.

There are also blood tests for certain diseases like syphilis and HIV, urine tests, and chest X-rays.

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