List of online jobs you can start from Home


Are you looking for online Jobs In Nigeria you can start from Home, If Yes then this Article is an eye opener.

You will be glad to know that lots of these online jobs in Nigeria 2020 can be started with little amount of money.

Making money online in 2020 has a lot of technicalities.

List of online jobs

List of online jobs

Here are some online Jobs in Nigeria you can start from Home

  1. Online Tutoring Jobs
  2. Blogging Job
  3. Affiliate Marketing Job
  4.  Freelancing Jobs
  5. Translating jobs
  6. Video editing and Graphics design Job
  7. Web development job
  8. Virtual Assistant Jobs
  9.  Social Media Jobs



It’s easy for you to turn your skill or knowledge into an online paying job, which in return gives you an handsome pay.

You can easily tutor people online and make money from it, using platforms like Youtube

also on Engoo

These platforms have large base of students online and offline that you can teach and earn from it.

The internet is populated with lots of people all over the world who seeking for one knowledge or the other.

So all you have to do, is to provide answers to their queries  with your content and earn chunks of cash from it.

You can set up a platform where you build your student base, and charge them for the services you are providing them.

you might be knowledgeable in Music, baking, dancing,  programing etc. You can turn them into money by tutoring those looking for this knowledge.

2. Blogging Job:

Apparently it is safe to say that blogging is one of the most easiest Online jobs in Nigeria that can be started from home in 2020.

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If you have a flare in writing articles or rich content that can help proffer solutions to what people are looking for, then I can tell you for free that you should just leverage on it to make money online 2020.

All you need do is to choose a niche you love writing articles about E.g Sport, Fashion, Lifestyle,  Entertainment ETC.  design a website and keep posting those articles on although blogging takes time become big and start lots of money from it, but surely everything you just need is patience and conssistency.

There lots of article on the internet that can tell you how to make money online, but they can be filled many errors.

Note: Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme or money doubling scheme.

However, You can get paid handsomely from google adsense on your blog.


3. Affiliate Marketing:

Truthfully, Affiliate marketing is also one the ways to do business and make money online 2020

Affiliate marketing is one of the online jobs in 2020 that easily earn you much and it is all about referring products or services to people for a commission.

You get online and refer products to people, if they buy then get a commission from the sale.

In doing this you will be given a unique link to shear and of course once people use your link to buy you get paid for it.

Lets say for each product you get to refer people to buy you will be getting 10% each and you get to refer about 100 people and this product sells for 50,000 each, of course you know this is huge money for you.

100 X 50000= 5 Million and your commission which is 10% will be 500,000.

You can promote these affiliate links on facebook, Instagram, blogs and forums.

You need to identify a product you want to promote and then build a niche forum, blog and social media channel around it.

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There are numerous affiliate networks that you can venture upon, ranging from, AMAZON, Qservers, Domainking and Jumia. Depending on your interest and niche you need sort for them.


Online Jobs in Nigeria for Students.

4. Freelancing Jobs:

This is approximately the best online jobs in 2020 for students in Nigeria, because it gives the room to practice their skills, make money and focus on their studies.

Freelancing is all about working part-time from the comfort of your home or any where, for yourself or company at any time.

Freelancing allows you work part-time and work with as many people or company as you can.

If you are skilled in any way, you can find a lot of freelancing job online and make good money from it.

Whatever skill you may possess there a lot of people looking for you on the internet.

All you need do is join a freelancing platform or forum and register so you can start biding for jobs.

Recommended links:


5. Translating Job

Translating Languages is an easy online job in 2020 that can be started with less stress.

If you are good in speaking and translating any language, you can earn money online right from the comfort of your home.

You will have opportunities to for Big brands or companies across the globe from home.

As a translator, you will need to be translating documents, audios, videos and many more materials.

There are many websites online that yo can find translating job E.g  Gengo and Unbabel


6. Video Editing and Graphics Design

This is another Lucrative Skill that can make you lots money from home, you can start with your phone though, that is if you don’t have any sophisticated gadget yet.

Learn  how to use some basic editing tools like Adobe illustrator, photoshop, Canva etc.

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Promote some of your works online if you are really good at it.

7. Web Development Jobs 

Do you have rich knowledge in writing codes or web design? then you are not far from making from Home, all you need to do is just to get the right platform that will connect you.

Even if you don’t get to know much about web development, you can source for a lot of tutorials online to help upscale and build you more on this.

Keep in mind that there  are plenty freelancing web developers out there who compete with you head to head for the money.

just keep a good reputation and keep a reasonable pricing.

8. Virtual Assistant

This is an online job that has to do with the remote provision of administrative support to individuals or company.

These includes writing of mails, replying emails, typing, receiving call and more, but of course all theses are done from home.

Yo get paid per hour, weekly or monthly depending on the agreement reached.

There are bunch of websites you can search for virtual assistant jobs, which are Upwork, Remote , Linkdin and  Freelancer


9. Social Media

This is an online job that requires lots of technical skills.

As we all know a lot of businesses are going online and lots of people are making huge money form this platform, as they get help brand, businesses and companies to promote their brands.

Starting up a social media job is not hard at all, All you need is a smart phone, internet and you are good to go.

Currently in Nigeria, you can charge between 50k and 20k monthly working remotely as a social media manager or expert for businesses and brands.

You can also build social media accounts with real and engaging followers or fan base on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and sell them.


Thank you for reading,  we will keep updating and adding to this list for your consumption.

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