November 28, 2023
5 Things That Can Stop An NPower Beneficiary 8 Months Payment 

Latest Npower News, Nasims News On Payment Today – October 16, 2023| See Details Below

Stay updated with the latest Npower and Nasims news regarding payments as of October 16, 2023. Get insights into the suspension of the N-Power program, its impact on beneficiaries, and future plans for restructuring the program.

The most recent Npower News and Nasims News On Payment for October 16, 2023, are provided below. Discover the latest Nasims news on payment, NPower stipend payments, Nasims News for Npower Batch C2, and details on outstanding stipend payments for the months of December 2022, January 2023, February 2023, and March 2023.

N-Power Beneficiaries Lament As FG Suspends Scheme Despite Owing 9-Month Stipends

The indefinite suspension of the N-Power program by the Nigerian federal government has dealt a severe blow to millions of young Nigerians who depended on this initiative to combat unemployment. Established during the tenure of former President Muhammadu Buhari, the N-Power program aimed to provide a lifeline to beneficiaries through monthly stipends, addressing a critical issue in a nation grappling with high unemployment rates.

The sudden suspension of the program has left countless individuals without jobs, raising concerns about the government’s commitment to addressing the critical issue of youth unemployment. The N-Power program comprised three core segments: N-Power Volunteer Corps (for graduates), N-Power Build (for non-graduates), and N-Power Knowledge, catering to those inclined toward information and communication technology (ICT).

Impact on Nearly 1 Million Beneficiaries

The indefinite suspension of the N-Power program is expected to affect more than 500,000 young Nigerians who depended on it for their livelihoods. According to figures obtained from the Humanitarian Ministry in February, the program had enrolled 200,000 youths in Batch A, 300,000 in Batch B, 510,000 in Batch C1, and 490,000 in Batch C2. While the number of exited beneficiaries remains unknown, a significant portion of batches C1 and C2 was still enrolled in the program when it was suspended.

The suspension has left a crucial gap in the community, as the program provided teachers for many schools, especially in rural areas.

Non-Payment of Stipends

In addition to the suspension, some beneficiaries have faced non-payment of stipends, leaving them in dire financial straits. Some beneficiaries spoke of being owed for as long as nine to twelve months. This financial hardship has created a significant burden on these individuals, who relied on their stipends for basic needs.

Suspension May Affect Schools

The suspension could also potentially impact schools, as some N-Power beneficiaries worked as teachers. The absence of these teachers could create difficulties for institutions, especially those in need of educators. However, some schools reported not experiencing any disruption due to the absence of N-Power staff.

Lack of Accountability

The N-Power program has been criticized for a lack of accountability and oversight. Some beneficiaries have been found to work in private schools while receiving stipends from the government, which raises questions about the integrity of the program.

Minister’s Statement

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Betta Edu, announced the indefinite suspension of the N-Power program, citing irregularities. She noted that some beneficiaries did not report to their places of assignment but continued to receive stipends. The minister also revealed that an investigation into the use of funds since the program’s inception was underway.

The Restructuring and Future Plans

The suspension of the N-Power program is part of a broader restructuring effort. It is expected to lead to the creation of an expanded program targeting 5 million beneficiaries aged 18 to 40 over five years. The restructuring will also introduce new programs in various sectors, including education, health, agriculture, technology, fashion, entertainment, and other areas of skills acquisition and employability. Transparency and accountability will be emphasized in the revamped program.

Conclusion: The indefinite suspension of the N-Power program has raised questions about the government’s commitment to addressing youth unemployment in Nigeria. While the suspension was deemed necessary due to irregularities and non-payment of stipends, it has left a significant number of beneficiaries in distress. The restructuring effort aims to revamp the program and expand its reach, focusing on transparency and accountability. For many young Nigerians, the future of the N-Power program holds the key to their livelihoods and aspirations.

Five Things To Know About NPower Temporary Suspension

In the latest N-Power news, there have been developments regarding the temporary suspension of the program. The management of NPower recently released a press statement outlining the details of the audit and suspension of the N-Power initiative. Here are five key takeaways to help you better understand the situation:

1. Detailed Investigation and Audit: The temporary suspension of N-Power was deemed necessary to conduct a comprehensive investigation and audit of the program. This step is crucial in ensuring that the program is functioning efficiently and that beneficiaries receive the intended support.

2. Proper Monitoring of Beneficiaries: One of the reasons for the suspension is the need for improved monitoring of beneficiaries in their assigned locations. Effective monitoring ensures that beneficiaries are actively engaged in their roles and that the program’s objectives are met.

3. Payment Structure for Outstanding Payments: N-Power acknowledges that some beneficiaries are owed outstanding payments. The suspension aims to create a proper payment structure that will address these arrears and ensure that beneficiaries receive their due compensation.

4. Monitoring Payment Channels: To enhance the efficiency and promptness of payments, there is a need to closely monitor the payment channels. This will help in streamlining the process and ensuring beneficiaries receive their stipends on time.

5. Restructuring and New Programs: The N-Power program is considering a restructuring to accommodate new initiatives that will benefit Nigerians. This reconfiguration aims to enhance the overall impact of social intervention programs.

Assurances to Beneficiaries: N-Power has assured beneficiaries with legitimate claims that their cases will be resolved once they complete the verification exercise. All outstanding obligations will be honored, reaffirming the commitment to the program’s success.

Conclusion: The temporary suspension of N-Power reflects the program’s commitment to transparency, efficiency, and the welfare of beneficiaries. It is a step toward ensuring that NPower continues to make a positive impact on the lives of Nigerians. Beneficiaries can look forward to the resolution of their cases and the fulfillment of outstanding obligations.

Good News: NPower Recovers Money To Pay 8 Months Beneficiaries Debt

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation has successfully recovered funds that were held by a consultant for several months, affecting the N-Power beneficiaries. In a recent meeting with representatives of the N-Power beneficiaries, Mr. Akindele, the National Program Manager of N-Power, confirmed the recovery of these funds and provided reassuring news for the beneficiaries.

Mr. Akindele stated, “Payment for N-Power Beneficiaries Batch C who have been owed for eight months will begin soon.” This announcement comes as a relief to the beneficiaries who have been eagerly awaiting their payments.

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