Keeling Curve Prize 2024 (up to $50,000)

Deadline: February 12, 2024

Applications for the Keeling Curve Prize 2024 are now open. The Keeling Curve Prize, awards $50,000 annually to each of 10 global projects that demonstrate the ability to reduce, replace, or remove greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Since 2018, they have awarded $1.75M to 60 nonprofits, for-profits, and startups, vetted more than 1,130 viable solutions, and grown one of the largest networks of global warming mitigators in the world.

The Keeling Curve Prize is more than a financial award – it jumpstarts growth for countless deserving climate leaders at the pace required to achieve meaningful and lasting emissions reductions across the planet. Applicants come from more than 109 countries worldwide and represent emerging markets, BIPOC- and women-led organizations, and some of the world’s most under-resourced, vulnerable communities.


  • Carbon sinks
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Social & Cultural Pathways
  • Transport & Mobility


  • After a rigorous review process led by diverse and talented group of experts, 10 winners are awarded $50,000 each to scale and succeed.


  • They welcome entries for active projects or programs from anywhere in the world.
  • The Keeling Curve Prize is awarded for current programs and projects only.
  • Applications centered on past work, unimplemented ideas or untested hypotheses will not be accepted.
  • Applications for the Keeling Curve Prize must be submitted in English. To ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of your responses, GWMP cannot take responsibility for their translation.
  • Your project may align with more than one prize category. The application form requires that you designate a primary category for your application, but also allows you to list secondary categories for consideration. However, applicants are only eligible to win in one category in any given year.
  • Applicants that have not received an award are welcome to apply in subsequent years.
  • Previous prize winners may submit applications for new projects that are different from their previously awarded project and that utilize different methods and approaches to reduce or increase uptake of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Applications that do not attempt to quantify their emissions reductions or address the project’s functional and financial scalability (Questions #8 through #10) will not be considered.


The application for the 2024 Keeling Curve Prize is now open. Apply today for a chance to win $50,000 towards your climate initiative.

For more information, see FAQ and visit Keeling Curve Prize.