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Context of the Job

  • We make custom software solutions for businesses in order to help them grow their operations. The purpose of our software solutions is to automate parts of their business operations by having the software solutions either completely automate the execution of various business tasks or automate the organization, delegation or management of such tasks. These solutions are custom and are composed of internal business systems (such as heavily customized and functionally extended by us CRM and ERP systems) combined with the external systems (such as client portals) and various back end connections that allow to interact with external parties as needed.
  • We have an elaborate and structured process for making these solutions. First, our business consulting team carries out an extensive study of the client’s business and using their process put together the detailed business requirements for the software solution which are well vetted and verified. Only upon full clarity in business requirements, we engage our software design team which assesses these requirements and using its process puts together comprehensive fully defined functional design for the software solution.
  • The functional design is vetted and reviewed at various stages by the business consulting team and when approved is passed to the engineering team who are then tasked with building and rolling out an implementable software solution which the business consulting team together with our implementation support team implements into the business.
  • The design team uses a very structured process to make designs. There is a Lead Functional Designer on each project who breaks down the business requirements and defines the solution’s high level front end and back end logic, which is reviewed and approved by the business consulting team, and then passed to the detailed design which is carried out by other members of the design team and includes detailed wireframes, back end flows, CRM and ERP configuration setups, etc. – each of which is assigned to the respective specialist in the design team.

The Job

  • The UI Designer in our design team operation is responsible for the custom UI solutions that constitute part of our solutions – these include: external portals (e.g. client portal, vendor portal, partner portal, etc.), public signup pages and forms with complicated UI, custom internal interfaces that we embed into our CRM/ERP platform (e.g. interface for managing inventory) as widgets to extend the platform’s functionality, and other complex custom UIs.
  • The UI Designer is provided with rigorous and well defined user flows that illustrate the full expected front end logic along with back end state diagrams that indicate the logic that in parallel is carried out by the back end along with the functional component diagrams which show the interaction between the front and end the back end components.
  • The UI Designer is expected to produce the UI solution that meets the requirements of the user flow and works in the way that interacts with back end as documented in the functional components diagrams and back end state diagrams. The UI Designer is to document the solution in the form of high fidelity wireframes.

Expectations of Quality
There are high expectations for the UI solution to be produced. Some of the key expectation are listed below:

  • The UI solution must be meeting the requirements and be fully in line with the detail communicated in user flows and related component diagrams. There needs to be complete and total adherence to the detail and there must be a full match to what is required. Nothing needs to be missing and there shouldn’t be anything unnecessary.
  • The solution needs to have appropriate User Experience for the user that it is made for (information about the users is communicated in the requirements) such that the users will be able to easily determine what to do to achieve their goals in any situation. Some user types will need more easily guided and accessible interface while others will be more suitable for “power user” interface – this will be provided to you in the requirements and you will need to navigate that.
  • The interface needs to be as simple as possible allowing to accomplish goals in least possible time for the user while meeting the needed functional and business requirements. It needs to be concise and needs to deliver feedback to user consistently.
  • The interface must make considerations for providing safety barriers for controls that perform irreversible actions.
  • The solution must utilize a UI package and be consistent in applying it. We utilize Material UI in our development and we would need all interface to be built based on it – making custom elements is unnecessary and costly for development effort, we will expect the UI Designer to be able to properly apply Material UI and all of its principles and to effectively leverage components in its design in such a way that maintenance and construction of the interface will be most efficient.
  • The solution must be responsive and be a fit to the devices required. We will typically need the mobile and tablet version produced as well as the desktop version.
  • The solution needs to have appropriate styling and visual appearance for the situation. Most of the interfaces we make are internal systems where this isn’t that important, but we do have some external systems that are used by our clients’ clients and there the visuals need to be top-notch. The appropriate need for the visuals will be communicated to you in the requirements.

Work Process for UI Designer

  • In this role, you will be given the user flows, component diagrams and other related requirements material (such as context information and user list) which will serve as the requirements for your interface solution. You need to understand the requirements and conceptualize your interface solution, making the low fidelity wireframes of key screens first and getting them approved with the functional product designer and the business consulting team if appropriate. After the approval and corrections, you will proceed to make the fully defined high fidelity wireframes for desktop version, and upon their approval, make the mobile and tablet versions.
  • Once the interface solution is fully approved and other parts of the overall solution are fully designed by other specialists on the team, the design will pass to the development team, where you will need to from time to time help the front end engineers clarify various UI issues that may come up during front end development and resolve the needed decisions. The project is not considered complete until the solution is built and rolled out, so if any issues come up during the process with your work piece you will need to help with their resolution.
  • Another consideration to make is that we as the company like to reuse things and created (and continue to create) reusable technical components in our developments that we implement both in the back end and also in the interfaces. In this job, you will need to learn how our components work and how to implement them in your interfaces effectively, which will allow you and the company in general to accomplish more results with less effort. Initiative in terms of suggestions for various front end interface components that can be created and reused between projects will be very much appreciated and duly rewarded.
  • The quality of your deliverables, efficiency and speed of your work as well as effective engagement with other members of the team that will produce the best outcome fastest is what we want most from you, so that we will be able to deliver excellent projects quickly and effectively. If you can show good track record in these areas which will in turn manifest in results, then you can expect raises and bonuses to reward you along with verbal praise.

Candidate Requirements
Skill Based:

  • Good understanding of UI solutions from both user perspective and the technological perspective – understanding what is an appropriate UX for the given context and how to accomplish it as well as how the UI components work (e.g. things like various field types, responsiveness, alignment, etc.) and how to correctly apply them in your interface designs is essential for the job.
  • Good logical and mental abilities to be able to evaluate complex logic flows and make logic decisions required to carry out this job;
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to concentrate on detail for long amounts of time – this job will involve a lot of tedious and complicated interfaces that have complex logical relations with the back end where mistakes should not be made;
  • Good English to communicate with the rest of the team.

Personality Based:

  • Acceptance of personal responsibility for your own actions;
  • Ability to take critical feedback on your work without getting upset about it, instead applying the feedback to improve your abilities;
  • Good self management and organization – ability to organize your time and efforts to get things done well and efficiently – knowing how to cut out unnecessary things from work and focus on what is actually important to deliver result;
  • Good self-management of personal life, emotions and feelings – we are a professional drama-free organization and we expect all of our team members to effectively manage their personal issues outside of work and focus on production when at work.

Work Conditions:

  • Fully Remote
  • Full Time Job
  • Freely Arranged Schedule – you arrange your own schedule as you please and negotiate the need to meet with other team members if necessary between you and them as needed – the expected results from you is agreed upon production and that is what the business cares about;
  • Regular Evaluation of Performance – your production is regularly assessed, feedback if appropriate is given, and in the event of exceptional production record applicable bonuses or raises may be given;
  • No-BS operation with significant personal freedom and responsibility – no long useless meetings, no managers’ egos to appease – just straight up production where if you produce more and better you get rewarded.

Application Closing Date
Not Specified.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Hiring Process:

  • Job Application Form.
  • Online pre-screening assessment designed to test basic logic skills.​
  • Short Interview.
  • Practical Test Assignment.
  • Evaluation of Assignment and Hiring Decision.
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