Is TOEFL Accepted for Canada Permanent Residence?

I have always been preaching that TOEFL is an abbreviation for “Test of English as a Foreign Language,” which happens to be an English proficiency test exam that assesses non-native speakers’ ability to communicate in English.

Universities mostly use this test score to help them evaluate if an international student wishing to study abroad in an English-speaking or French country can play around with the English language fluently. From there, it will determine if the person involve is eligible for the Canadian Immigration visa.

In addition to what I have already said, the test scores that you obtain from the Test of English as a Foreign Language are used during educational admission, immigration, licensure, and placement process in many English-speaking parts of the world (countries), including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Let’s take a look at the TOEFL exam patterns so you can see what’s expected of you.

TOEFL Accepted for Canada Permanent Residence

Exam Pattern for the TOEFL

This Test comes in two types, the PBT (Paper–Based Test), iBT test (Internet-based Test)

The paper-based test of the TOEFL test is for people who want to take the test in a paper-pen format, while people who want to take the test through the use of the internet are the ones using the TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test).

However, before you choose your preferred Test type, it’s pertinent to note that each test type has its own unique scoring system/pattern. The means the TOEFL iBT scoring system differs from the PBT scoring system.

Let’s see their exam patterns below;-

TOEFL iBT Test Pattern

For iBT candidates, the test is usually categorized into four sections which are;-

  1. Reading Section
  2. Listening Section
  3. Speaking Section
  4. Writing Section

In the first section, the reading section, candidates will be given four passages to choose from. From the passage, 36-56 questions will emerge for you to answer. The questions and readings will cover academic topics, and those questions come with multiple answer options for you to choose from. Out of all answer options, one or two of them is the correct answer.

After the first section of reading, you’ll then move to section 2 which you’ll be Receiving information from an audio device. Make sure to keenly listen to short audio excerpts of classroom discussions, lectures, and conversations which will be remitted from the audio device.

After listening to it, you will have to answer questions from there, and these questions contain multiple-choice, binary, and chart-type questions. Around 34 to 51 in number.

Upon finishing with the RECEIVING INFORMATION section, you will move to the COMMUNICATION SECTION, where questions/tasks you’ll have to complete are based on personal experiences, opinions, course topics. It’s real-life questions that will be asked.

After the Communication stage, you’ll migrate to the writing section in two categories: integrated writing and independent writing.

What you have to do is to read and listen to a lecture extract keenly, then write a passage of 150 to 225 words in 20 minutes for the integrated writing component.

For the Independent Writing part of the writing, a topic will be provided to you based on the material you acquired. You are to formulate an essay of at least 300 words in 30 minutes.

TOEFL PBT Exam Pattern

For PBT candidates, the test is usually categorized into four sections which are;

  1. Listening
  2. Structure and Written Expression
  3. Reading
  4. Writing

In the first section, you’ll be listening to Short dialogues, extended conversations, and lectures or talks segments, after which 50 questions will be given to you from there to answer in 30-40 minutes.

In the next section, which is STRUCTURE AND WRITTEN FORMULA, you will be answering 40 questions in the space of 25 minutes.

On finishing the structure and written expression section, you will move to the READING section, where there are 50 multiple choice questions to answer.

However, you are only given 55 minutes to read passages and choose the best answer from the given options.

Lastly, you will be requested to support or argue a section from a composition you’ll be given to read. 30 minutes is the time frame given to you to study the context and write an argumentative essay of about 250-300 words.

Is the TOEFL recognized in Canada?

From our research on this, we’ve found out that over 80% of universities and colleges in Canada prefer the TOEFL test to other English language tests.

The TOEFL score scale is from 0-120. The best-ranked Canadian institutions require iBT test scores ranging from 88 to 94.

Is TOEFL Accepted for Canada Permanent Residence?

Since Canada has become a desirable destination for academic and employment prospects, the number of Indians obtaining permanent residency permits has increased.

According to, there are around 225,000 Indians on the verge of obtaining a permanent residency visa.

Indians will account for a significant portion of the overall Canadian population by 2021, reaching 22% in 2018.


Many Canadian universities accept TOEFL examinations for higher education but not for immigration or permanent residency.

I’m convinced that this post has really helped in clearing up any confusion you may have had. That notwithstanding, if you still have other questions to find answers to, kindly visit the IELTS Ninja website.

By logging in to the website, you will get the step-by-step instructions on how to move to Canada as easily as ABC.

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