Immigrating To Canada From South Africa: Recommended Pathways

As the world moves, the desire of humans to live and thrive both economically and socially has aptly increased. There are numerous people willing to live outside their places if granted the opportunity. In fact, a very large percentage of people will show a tendency to immigrate from their current places to another. This is due to human nature, the desire to explore many things.

Often, one of the most desired places by immigrants, is Canada. In fact, records have shown that Canada is one of the first ranked most applied countries in the world in terms of immigration. Every year, thousands of people from all the different parts of the world apply for the Canada immigration through all the various immigration pathways.

This is because everyone wants to travel to better places either for greener pastures or for safety. In all, everyone wants a good life and that is surely secured in Canada.

Immigrating To Canada From South Africa

Among the continents with the highest immigrants to Canada, is Africa. With another percentage, South Africa also makes the list of the African countries with high immigration to Canada. In order to immigrate to Canada from South Africa, there are lots of procedures to follow. You’re also expected to brainstorm on the different kinds of requirements you may need such as documents, fees and other elements you may be requested to present.

Immigrate To Canada From South Africa

Migrating to Canada as a foreigner is somewhat complicated and not an easy task, however putting in place the right methods and proper mentorship may walk you through the hurdles of the stressful application.

There are no special ways of immigrating to Canada from South Africa. All you are expected to do is have the requirements and then pass out the tests which will be made available by the Canadian immigration department.

There are different pathways in which you can immigrate to Canada from any part of the world including South Africa. If you’re willing to apply for Canada immigration as a South African, below are the pathways you can consider following.

Immigration Pathways To Canada from South Africa

Migrating to Canada is not a jump and quick immigration process where you will wake up and begin your trip. There are lots of protocols you’ll have to observe. First, you must choose a pathway in which you’re following and must be in position to provide all the necessary requirements to be qualified for the application before choosing the pathway. There are a number of them out there. All you have to do is to select the one you’re eligible to apply for and proceed with your application processes.

If you’re intending to migrate from South Africa today to Canada, below are the pathways you should consider following:¬†

  • Express Entry Immigration Pathway
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Canadian Experience Class Program


  • Family class visa
  • Agri-Food Pilot
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • Caregivers immigration
  • Health-care workers permanent residence
  • Refugee immigration program
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  • Start-up Visa
  • Quebec-selected Skilled workers

Express Entry Immigration Pathway

The largest, the most successful immigration pathway to Canada is the express entry immigration pathway. Recall that all immigration programs in Canada are managed by the federal government or provinces, the express entry births almost every other immigration program. It requires individuals who possess a certain skill to immigrate in order to live and work in Canada.

The express entry is divided into three types namely;

  1. Federal Skilled Workers immigration program
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Immigration Program
  3. Canadian Experience Class

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Canadian provincial nominee program is another immigration pathway for immigrants wishing to migrate to Canada. It is open for all nationals from different parts of the world including the South Africans.

This program gives the Canadian provinces the stretch hand to nominate and sponsor any foreign employee who meets their economic needs. Individuals are accessed based on the (CRS) scores.

Canada Experience Class Immigration Program

Another form of Canadian immigration pathway is the Experience Class. This is mainly for residents of Canada who have worked and have Canadian work experience to obtain permanent residency status in the country.

The program requires them to meet certain requirements and the criteria for being qualified depends on your experience of work. Normally to be qualified for this program you must have worked in Canada for up to a year or its equivalent in part time or paid internships.

How to Immigrate to Canada from South Africa

Coming to processing your immigration application to Canada, it is very simple and flexible to begin however due to the long time span it may take for the immigration application to be processed it is often quoted as being bulky and complicated. There are step by step processes in which you are to follow before making a successful application for Canada immigration.

Step 1. Logging in to the website of the Canadian department of immigration

Beginning your immigration application, you’re logging to the website of the Canadian department of immigration and reading through all the instructions.

Step 2. Choose the Appropriate Pathway of your immigration

After logging to the website of Canadian immigration, there are lots of options available on the types of pathways you’re going for. Choose the appropriate one and then read further, the guidelines and instructions that follow.

Step 3. Filling for the form

After choosing your desired immigration pathway, the next thing is generating the application form and then filling in all the necessary information. Presumably you have created an express entry profile by then.

Step 4. Making Payments

After filing the forms and submitting it, you’ll be directed to the payment page where you’ll pay a certain amount of money depending on immigration pathway you’ve chosen.

Step 5. Submitting your Application

After all the processes are completed, you’re strongly advised to review your application again and then submit it pending approval.

You can as well kickstart your Canada visa application from South African offline on papers. This requires you to visit the Canadian embassy of your country or visa application center and present your paper application with the required documents.

Note: the processes discussed above are the preambles and are much more complicated. Hence, it’s advised you perform due research on your preferred path to migrating to Canada from South Africa.

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