How Much Do I Need To Immigrate To Canada From South Africa?

Before migrating to Canada from South Africa, you’re expected to spend a certain amount of money. There are lots of things to spend on while doing the application. Just like any other application fees, you’re likely to obtain the visa fees, your immigration or provincial fee, biometrics fee, medical exam fee, IELTS and many other petty charges. Some immigration pathways solely require you to have a certain amount of money to be eligible.

As a hopeful immigrant waiting to immigrate to Canada, it is not ideal to think less of the payments because there are lots to spend on. Although some pathways have their specific payments. It is up to you to draft your budget based on your intentions.

How Much To Immigrate From South Africa To Canada

While some immigration pathways are price pegged to be ridiculously low, some may classify or segregate individuals of high net worth from others. Literally, pathway programs like the Canadian startup visa requires individuals to have a certain Net Worth before beginning application for such.

How much money do you need to immigrate to Canada from South Africa?

Depending on your method of immigration, the following types of immigration have their particular fees peculiar to them. 

  • Express Entry Immigration Pathway
  • Quebec-selected Skilled workers
  • Canadian Experience Class Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Family class visa
  • Start-up Visa
  • Agri-Food Pilot
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • Caregivers immigration
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  • Health-care workers permanent residence
  • Refugee immigration program

Other Payments you’re Likely to Encounter during or after the Application

Work Permit Fees

If you’re immigrating to Canada, probably you’re going to work there to foot your bills. To work in Canada you must obtain the Canadian work permit. The work permit serves as a license to work in any desired place in Canada.

For a single person, the Canadian work permit costs about CAD155 including extension and about CAD456 for three or more people performing together. For an open work permit, the fee is CAD100.

Study Permit Fees

If you’re an international student from South Africa and you’re migrating to Canada to study, you’re to pay a certain amount of money for the study permit. The study permit is a form of identity card which helps you to live and study in Canada. Students wishing to engage in any part time work can equally use the study permit to work.

In order to obtain the study permit, you’re to pay the sum of CAD150 and a restoration fee of CAD200.

Biometrics Fee

Another fee you should budget while planning immigration from South Africa to Canada is biometric fees. It is more than necessary that your biometrics will be taken down before migrating to Canada. This is normally done during the process of visa application by the embassy workers or the officials of the visa application center you’re applying from.

The biometrics require you to undergo some simple task such as submitting your fingerprints and collection of digital photographs.

Depending on your place of application or not, the Canadian biometric fee is static and is normally part of your visa application fees. In case you’re applying through a visa application center, there must be an additional service charge.  

For a single person, the biometric fee is CAD85. for families consisting of two or more, the fee is CAD170 while for a group of three or more people performing, their biometric fee is CAD255.

Canada Right of permanent residence fee (RPRF)

The Canadian right of permanent residence fee is another fee you’re going to encounter when migrating from South Africa to Canada. The fee is normally paid immediately after your application for permanent residency status has been approved. It is a non refundable fee unless your application was rejected. The fee is not applicable to dependent or sponsored persons. The Canadian right of permanent residence fee is normally CAD490.

Permanent Resident cards fee

Upon your arrival in Canada, you’re expected to obtain your permit residency card if you’re on a permanent immigration status. The card will be made available at your given address. It will cost you about CAD50 to pay the Canada permanent residency fee.

Family sponsorship fee

If you’re being sponsored into Canada by your family relative, being from South Africa or any other part of the world, you’re to pay a certain amount of money for the application.

Family sponsorship program is an immigration pathway to Canada which requires citizens and permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their spouse or family members into the country. The program is strictly for only citizens and permanent residents.

  • If you’re sponsoring a relative who is up to 22 years or older, with the inclusion of sponsorship fee and processing fees is CAD1,040 and the right of permanent residence
  • If you’re sponsoring an adopted child, dependent or an ophan, the fee is CAD150 
  • If you’re sponsoring a relative who’s under 22 but not your dependent, you’re to pay the sum of CAD640 with the inclusion of all fees
  • If you’re sponsoring a spouse or a common law partner of your relative, then you’re to pay the sum of CAD1,040
  • If you’re sponsoring your parents or grandparents, the fee is CAD1,040 including sponsorship fee, processing fee and right of permanent residency fee. The same fee is applicable to spouse or common law partners of your parents and grandparents
  • If you’re sponsoring a dependent child of your parents, then CAD150 for each child.
  • If you’re sponsoring your spouse or common law partner, the fee is CAD1,040 with all fees included

Canadian Start Up Immigration Fee

If you’re immigrating to Canada through the Canadian Start-up visa pathway, you’re expected to pay the sum of 1,540 for both application processing fee and right of permanent residency fee. The fee is also applicable to those applying through the Self-employed program and the Quebec business immigration.

Express Entry Immigration Fee

If you’re applying for immigration to Canada through the express entry program, you’re expected to pay the sum total of 1,040 for both processing and right of permanent residency fee. The fee is also applicable to the following  pathways;

  • Atlantic immigration pilot
  • Canadian Experience Class,
  • Caregivers
  • Federal Skilled Workers
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers and
  • Provincial Nominee.

Humanitarian and compassionate immigration fees, 1,040 with every fees. Protected persons immigration fee, you’re to pay the sum of CAD550 if you’re applying through the protected person pathway.

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