November 28, 2023

We will all agree that as a corpers it is some how difficult to see an organization or institution paying a whole lots of money during their service year and as such most of the corps members have been left with no choice other than bribing their way into some of these top offices &  companies in urban regions.

Lot’s of corps members have been so anxious as to know which company or institution pays higher so they can find their way their, not to say much FCDA is among some of the relatively well paying institution in Abuja.

In this article you will find how much FCDA pays Corpers!


Find Out How much FCDA Pays Corpers
Find Out How much FCDA Pays Corpers

The average salaries that the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) pays Corps member is averagely between 10k -15k/month although several offices in their can still pay the hardworking corps members an additional 5k from their own pockets.

Corps members who are smart and ready to earn more during their service year can manage working for two or more part- time companies as there are several of them in the FCT at the moment, this will help corps members to be more exposed and industrious in several works of life. More also the FCDA retain smart & ready to work corps members, you can as well leverage on the interpersonal relationship to venture in real estate as this is another fat ready to be milked.

Below is the average salary for the regular employees of the FCDA:


The average salaries for Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) is 107,101 Naira. This data is collated by 7 employees from Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA). The roles include Chartered Accountant, Microbiologist, Project Director, Senior Engineer, Assistant Civil Engineer, Engineer 11 etc. The gender distribution at Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) based on salary submitted is male(57%), female(28%), unspecified(15%).

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