How Can I Study in Canada for Free As An International Student?

There is this big question that most international students also considered as aspirants do ask and the question is “How can I study in Canada for free?

The question I may say is quite a good question to ask especially for people who can’t afford to pay their tuition fees that have higher dreams of studying in the country.

Other than the excellent educational system in the country, Canada is a beautiful place to study in. The country is in North America and it has approximately ten (10) provinces and three (3) territories that made up the country.


Now that you’ve known this, let’s move down to what brought you here. Let’s start it this;

How To Study in Canada for Free As An International Student


Can I Study for Free in Canada As A Foreign Student?

The answer to this question is NO, and YES.

The “NO” here is in the sense that even for Canadian citizens or international students, there are no universities that will allow you to study for free. Point is, there are no university in Canada that offers free education.

The “YES” here is in the sense that most of the universities do offer fully-funded scholarship opportunities that are meant for international students to study in Canada. And if you are lucky enough to secure one, then that’s your luck and pathway to studying for free in Canada.

Is there any Tuition-Free University in Canada?

In Canada, there are no tuition-free universities. However, most of the fully funded scholarship opportunities are offered by some Canadian universities.

Tuition Free Universities in Canada | Fully Funded Scholarships

Herein, we will be looking at the list of tuition free universities in Canada for international students. You may refer to them as universities in Canada that offer fully-funded scholarships to international students. These scholarships are usually open to both domestic and international students. These universities are;

1. Saint Mary’s University

This university is one of the best fully funded scholarship providers in Canada among other universities that are also offering that.

From the best of our research, we’ve come to identify that this institution provides more than eight unique undergraduate scholarships to students from countries other than Canada to study there.

Saint Mary’s University doesn’t only provide fully-funded scholarships to domestic students, but its scholarship programs are extended to international who are keen on pursuing their undergraduate degree studies in the school every year (annually).

However, before you proceed to apply for a scholarship at Saint Mary’s University, it’s pertinent to note that the school scholarships are also open to year one students of the institution that shows great academic performance.

In addition to that, the scholarships are also made available to students who show a proven lack of finances.

All the Saint Mary’s University fully funded offered scholarships are always renewable, in as much as you can sustain the renewal requirements till the end of your program.


2. Concordia University

Concordia University provides a scholarship program that is known as the full flight award, though many people know it as the Presidential Scholarship and the scholarship is annually.

This scholarship is strictly offered every year to international students that are looking forward to acquiring a degree in any of the Concordia university offered programs.

The scholarship provider stated that they need students with demonstrated leadership skills, academic excellence, and the candidates must be someone who has a good motive for making the world community better.

Also, the scholarship is fully funded and as well renewable, in as much as you can sustain the renewal requirements for the period of four years (program year).

Apart from being a fully-funded scholarship, the presidential scholarship also covers books and living expenses.


3. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Every year, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology single-handedly sets aside a whopping sum of $5 million and the money is to be used for a scholarship award to an international student.

Just like others that we’ve listed here, the scholarship is fully funded and renewable, in as much as you can sustain the renewal requirements for the period of four years (program year).

The core eligibility requirement for this scholarship is that applicants should be an incoming student of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology who against all odds shows that academic excellence, involvement in their various communities, and other areas of success and support, and also show that he/she needs financial assistance.

With this scholarship, you are on your pathway to studying any program of your choice at a top-notch school like the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Totally tuition-free!!!


4. The University of Toronto

At the University of Toronto, various study opportunities are award to both domestic and international students to study any degree program at the institution.

Some of these scholarships are partially funded while some are fully funded for all levels of study.

The reason why we include this school in the list of universities in Canada with free tuition amounts for international students is due to its popularly offered scholarship program known as the “Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program” which is a fully funded scheme and it makes up for tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence support for a good period of four years.

This opportunity comes up every year and it’s usually awarded to newcomers students whose aim is to bag an undergraduate degree at the institution.

In addition to the aforementioned information, the scholarship provider stated that they need students who are critical thinkers skills who have many ways expressed academic excellence, and are ardent learners with leadership capacity.



I think we’ve provided an answer to your question  “How can I study in Canada for free as a foreign student?”. It’s therefore up to you to make plans and apply for the above-listed scholarship. As mentioned in the post, fully funded scholarship is basically the only way through which you can study in Canada for free.

Before you apply, I advise that you learn more about your scholarship of interest, so as to have a good knowledge of their eligibility requirements, method of application, and application deadline. Knowing all these will help you stay on track.

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