Granville College Admission Requirements in Vancouver, Canada

For the past 27 years, Granville College has been providing avenues to thousands of animal lovers to successfully start successful careers in animal health care.

In other words, The school is a Canadian base Veterinary assistant school that prepares students who want to work in Veterinary related fields, and over their years of existence, the college has produced (graduated) more Veterinary Technician Assistants than all similar B.C. programs combined.

So, if you’ve been looking forward to undergoing your veterinary at Granville College and therefore seeking to know their admission requirements, then consider spending your time on this article.

Right here, you’ll find the information you need to know about the college, ranging from the list of programs offered at the college, their eligibility criteria for admission, school fees, and how to apply.

Granville College Admission Requirements in Vancouver, Canada


Granville College Available Programs?

Despite the fact that the school specializes more in the Veterinary Technician Assistant and Veterinary Office Assistant Programs, there are other great courses offer school which are;

  1. Diploma in “Global Supply Chain Management”
  2. Diploma in “Human Resources Management”
  3. Diploma in “HealthCare Office Administration”
  4. Diploma in “Business Administration”
  5. Business Administration/ Global Supply Chain Management Specialty
  6. Hospitality Management Program Without Co-Op
  7. Hospitality Management Program with Co-op

What You Need to Know About the Veterinary Technician Assistant Diploma Program

The core aim of this program is to be assistance to people studying the program at Granville College to turn out to be worthy members of a veterinary practice team and work alongside animal health technicians, professionals in the animal physician field of study, and covered practitioners in the industry.

So, as a full-time student of Granville College, that’s undergoing the Veterinary Technician Assistant Diploma Program, you will avail yourself of the opportunity of acquiring the technical knowledge and practical experience you need to have for a successful career in animal care.

Their teachings are not only limited to the theoretical aspect of it, but you’ll do the practical aspect because Granville College has a well-equipped laboratory where students practical demonstrations of their teachings are carried out.

Granville College Admission Requirements

It is required that an applicant seeking admission at Granville College should have gotten Grade 12 or its Equivalent, and a transcript & resume will also be required.

Another thing that will be required from the applicant is a working experience of at least 5 years, plus a Granville College Entrance Evaluation score of at least 60%.

Finally, the applicant must make sure to perform excellently well in the Admission Interview and pass.

Adding to the previously stated requirements above, All International students Must Meet One or More of the below-listed criteria:

  1. Excel in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with at least CBT 240 or iBT 91 scores. Alternatively, an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) of at least 6.5 scores will still be accepted.
  2. Acquire a degree thriving degree program of at least 2 years minimum studies in an approved university, or a college diploma program or post-secondary institution where the English language is their major language.
  3. Provide proof of a full-time study at the secondary school level of at least 3 years in an English language school system that has English as their country’s official language. The applicant must make sure to have an excellent grade in all English courses there.

However, if you are applying for studies at the college as an International student, make sure to have your valid study visa ready, alongside a valid work permit to enable you to finish the Veterinary Technician Assistant Program and the practical section of the course.

How to Apply for Granville College Admission

The application process for admission into Granville College is quite simple because it’s done online.

The application form is online and it’s just for you to fill it there.


After you’ve filled out the form, an Admissions Advisor from the school will contact you.

The advisor will feed you with information on the required documents and every other thing you need to know about the school. Also, you can ask questions and answers will be instantly given to you by the advisor.

Both Canadian citizen and international applicants are qualified to apply in as much as you’ve met their admission requirements.

Granville College Fees for Both Domestic and International Students

Registration/Application Fee: 250.00 1,000.00
Tuition Fee 7,500.00 9,900.00
Textbook Fee 200.00 200.00
Materials and Supplies 40.00 40.00
Student Record Archiving Fee 10.00 10.00
Student Services Fee 100.00 100.00
TOTAL PROGRAM COSTS $ 8,100.00 $ 11,250.00


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