Top 6 Fully Funded Masters Scholarships For International Students 2023

If you studied for your undergraduate degree in your home country, then you might want to expand your horizon and study abroad.

Studying abroad has numerous benefits on a student such as increased exposure to different people, cultures and civilizations, better standards of living and education especially if that of the home country is not very good, opportunity to study at some of the best abroad universities, CV boost, etc.

So, with all these listed benefits, what’s not to love about studying for your Master’s degree abroad? There is everything to love about it.

This article shows you the wide range of scholarship opportunities that abound to help you attain your dream of studying for a Master’s degree abroad. Yes, many scholarships can help with that.

This list is not exclusive to one country. Rather the scholarships are aimed towards several countries of the world. Each scholarship is aimed towards a particular region or country in the world. So, it is left to you to pick your preferred country and look for scholarships that will sponsor you to universities in that location.

That being said, qualifying for any of these scholarships is not exactly a cakewalk. There are eligibility requirements that applicants have to meet such as country of origin, GPA during undergraduate levels, etc.

Usually, this information will be stated on the scholarship website, so you will need to make use of
the links in this article.

Fully Funded Masters Scholarships for International Students

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the top 6 fully-funded Master’s scholarship programs available for international students worldwide.

1. African Union Commission Scholarships at Pan African University

Applicants can pursue their Masters and Ph.D. programs at the Pan African University’s institutes located across Africa. Successful applicants will be fully funded throughout their Master’s or Ph.D. programs. For the year 2021, admission was scheduled to close by July 30th, 2021. Click HERE for more details.

2. DAAD Scholarship for MSc in Environmental Governance

This scholarship will sponsor its successful applicants to study for their Master’s degree at the University of Freiburg, Germany. This is only for aspirants who want to have their Masters in Environmental Governance (MEG) program. Applications are open for the 2022 session and will close by October 15, 2021. Click HERE for more details.

3. Equity and Merit Scholarships for Masters Students, University of Manchester

This scholarship is open to students who want to take on their Master’s degree program at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Applications are open for the Equity and Merit Scholarships between August 1st to August 31st of 2021. Click HERE for more details.

4. DAAD Scholarships for MSc in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design

DAAD is short for the German Academic Exchange Service, a program that offers scholarships for international students to study Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. The scholarship award is fully funding the scholars. Applications are open for the 2022 session and will close by October 31, 2021. Click HERE for more details.

5. Masters Recruitment Scholarship, University of Alberta

This is an FGSR-sponsored recruitment scholarship is open to students who have performed exceptionally well at their undergraduate levels and wish to do their Masters at the University of Alberta in Canada. With this scholarship, you are not to apply. Rather, eligible students will be recommended by certain processes. The scholarship is fully funded. Get more details HERE.

6. Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship for International Students, Germany

This foundation is inviting international students to apply for their scholarships to study for their Masters in Germany. The scholarship is fully funded, and candidates can apply at any time. Click HERE for more information.


The above six scholarships are fully funded and completely open to international students to apply to study for their Masters’s degree.

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