French Government Launches Food for Nations Platform For Nigerian Agribusinesses

The French Minister for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, Olivier Becht, announced France’s keen interest in bolstering trade relations with Nigeria specifically in agricultural exports. He highlighted this during the unveiling of the Food for Nations digital trade platform, initiated by JR Farms, to facilitate access for agribusinesses into the French and European markets.

Becht, speaking during the launch, hailed the platform as a monumental step fostering closer ties between France and Nigeria in the agri-food sector. He underscored France’s role in leveraging culinary expertise and technical prowess to elevate the quality and diversity of Nigerian food in the global market.

Olawale Rotimi, CEO of JR Farms, expressed enthusiasm about forging partnerships that spur growth. Rotimi outlined plans to collaborate with French companies to train selected cohorts in superior agribusiness practices. He also disclosed ongoing discussions to inaugurate the first food cargo in Nigeria, a collaboration with Air France, further indicating their interest in acquiring farmlands in France through JR Farms’ registration in the country.

Highlighting the platform’s potential, Rotimi stressed the aspiration to bolster economic ties between Nigeria and France. He emphasized the underexplored opportunities for West African agricultural exports to France, reminiscent of France’s current grain exports to North Africa.

The Food for Nations platform emerges as a significant avenue, propelling Nigerian agribusinesses into European markets, solidifying the burgeoning trade relations between Nigeria and France.