How To Find Accommodation In Canada For African Students

Most students from Africa who choose to pursue higher education overseas are increasingly choosing Canada as their preferred location. There are a lot of students from across the continent studying in Canada.

In the past few years, countless African students who are seeking postsecondary studies have opted to study in Canada rather than the United States. Their preference for Canadian institutions is mostly driven by the relative affordability of school fees.

How To Find Accommodation In Canada For African Students

Among the primary things that many African students whose applications have been accepted to Canadian universities do, look into student accommodation. Maybe you’re one of the students who has been fretting over where you will live for the medium term. We enjoin you to keep on reading to discover how to find the most suitable student housing in Canada.

How to Find Accommodation in Canada for African Students

The best accommodations for African students traveling to Canada will be described in this post. You can use this as a starting point for your look for the ideal accommodation for your academic needs.

Determine Your Budget for Rent

When making plans for your living arrangements, the very first consideration you must take relates to the amount you can comfortably pay each month. Relatively small municipalities and towns typically have rental prices that are considerably lower than those in larger cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. The range of $700 to $1,000 CAD per month serves as a suitable beginning point for housing rates.

Don’t forget to include utility services, transportation, food, and furnishings in your spending plan as they can all increase this expense.

On-campus Student Accommodations

Living on campus has a lot of benefits. You’re better inclined to meet new people and jump right into an activity. This is due to the fact that you will frequently be in their company. This may make the journey to Canada seem less difficult. Additionally, you will be close to your classrooms and study areas. So, you’ll spend less on personal transport.

Traditional dorm rooms and apartments or suites are typically available as on-campus lodging options. Different students are accommodated in the housing. Many universities provide separate lodging for the senior ones or family-supporting students. Others provide buildings or levels with just one gender. Last but not least, some lodgings come with meal programs.

Student Accommodations Away from Campus

Several undergraduates, especially those who have completed their freshman year in college, opt to live outside school grounds. It’s a fantastic approach for African students to make new friends! You have a choice of renting, subleasing, or staying with a host family, based on how long you’ll be there.

The majority of students choose to live in shared apartments or homes because staying independently is costly in Canada. There are important spots in every rental house or apartment, including a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and garden. Students have the option of sharing a room with a roommate or having a solo room.

The monthly rent for a shared apartment ranges from $250 to $700 Canadian Dollars in Canada. Additionally, the monthly rent for a suite or apartment ranges from $400 to $1,500 Canadian Dollars. Keep in mind that extra costs for food and other items will be incurred.

You can search online for some excellent off-campus possibilities or even get in touch with your school.

Planning Your Commute and Transportation

Would you be coming from your house to school? You should take into mind factors like location and transportation. You could bike, drive, take public transportation, or walk to the campus. For students who live in larger cities, the typical commuting duration is between ten and one hours. If you see that your trip is taking more than an hour, you might want to think about discovering something closer.

If you anticipate a lengthier journey, think about scheduling your lectures. The most amount of study time is likely to be saved with it though.

As an alternative to going to school every day, you can plan your lectures for a handful of days during the week.


Almost any international student’s primary priority is typically finding housing for their academic studies. This should be a residence that suits their requirements, is affordable, and is accessible to the school. If you aren’t sure where to begin, it could feel daunting. The alternative options for housing for African students traveling to Canada were described in this article.

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