Enugu To Train and Empower 40,000 Youth with Digital and Entrepreneurship Skill

Enugu State Governor Peter Mbah has affirmed his commitment to empowering youths in Enugu through training in digital and entrepreneurial skills. At the Enugu Tech and Entrepreneurship (TxE) Summit, themed “Innovation Unleashed: Transforming Enugu’s Future,” the Governor shared plans to equip at least 40,000 youths with vital skills for global competitiveness.

Governor Mbah expressed the vision of preparing Enugu’s youth for the evolving digital landscape, urging them to embrace technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality. He emphasized the need for these skills to foster global competitiveness and entrepreneurial success.

Mbah highlighted the ongoing initiatives by his administration, already underway, focusing on digital innovation, programming, digital marketing, fintech, and entrepreneurship. He underscored the importance of these skills in navigating the changing global order and urged youths to seize opportunities presented by such platforms to remain relevant and self-reliant in a competitive world.

Emphasizing the role of innovative thinking and problem-solving, the Governor urged the youths to explore creative solutions for societal needs, positioning themselves as creators and problem solvers in the digital age.

The Governor reiterated the state government’s commitment to partnering with reputable tech industries to facilitate the acquisition of necessary skills, envisioning a scenario where the youths create sustainable opportunities and growth within Nigeria, particularly in Enugu State itself.

Governor Mbah expressed optimism that with the right training and skills, facilitated through strategic partnerships with the tech industry, the youths could build prosperous futures within Nigeria, thereby reducing the need to seek opportunities abroad.

The Governor extended gratitude to the organizers of the summit, particularly acknowledging Mr. Williams Uchembah for his impactful initiatives in Enugu State and the invitation to participate in this transformative event.

Mbah’s commitment to youth empowerment through digital and entrepreneurial skills training underscores a significant step towards nurturing an innovative and competitive generation within Enugu State, fostering sustainable development and self-reliance among its youth population.