Top 8 Most Employable Degrees in Canada For Immigrants 2024

Canada is one of the most desired places to live. Every hopeful immigrant wishing to live outside their country will want to settle in Canada if granted the opportunity. The flourishing economy of the country over the years has made it stand as one of the most guaranteed countries in terms of job security and easy settlement.

If you’re at the verge of finding an international country to live and work, then choose Canada. You will stand a high potential to actualize your dreams. The country is known for harboring international immigrants from all the different parts of the world, working and studying in all the various colleges and universities in the country.

To live in Canada one must be willing to work hard in order to foot the bills and make a living.  Just like any other country, Canada is open to all nationals who want to explore the country after meeting up with the immigration requirements.

Deciding On The Best Employable Degree As An Immigrant

If you want to work in Canada either it is a pionic dream or a moment’s thought, there are lots of things to consider. One of the most important among them is your field of qualifications. Some degrees are as good as useless in the Canadian labor market while some are golden and revered with mouth-watering employment opportunities awaiting them.

Most Employable Degrees in Canada

So to stand a better chance of having easy employment in Canada, the most crucial or perhaps the easiest method is enrolling yourself in any institution of study in Canada. This will make you stand a better chance of securing an intern position and will also grant you the privilege to work and earn in Canada while studying as a student.

The beauty of this is that your part time work is normally counted when your work experience is accessed and this will also stand you a better chance of gaining employment in some certain field where experience is considered.

The second easiest way to having a job in Canada is by considering the labor market’s demands and the types of jobs available. As stated earlier, there are numbers of most demanded jobs in Canada and the holders of certain degrees stand a better chance of gaining employment opportunities easily.

One of the advantages of working in Canada is that individuals, after meeting the requirements and criteria for the country’s citizens, can apply for the Canadian citizenship and be approved. However, prior to this stage such persons are already permanent residents of Canada.

Top Most Employable Degrees In Canada For Immigrants

If you’re looking for the top most employable degree in Canada, you’re covered. Based on the research data available, some degrees have a higher potential to trump in the labor market than others. Some of the most demanded and most employable degrees in Canada for 2022 are listed as follows:

  • HealthCare Degrees
  • Software Engineer
  • Management Degree
  • Finance
  • Degree In Civil Engineering
  • Degree in Geoscience
  • Petroleum
  • Business Administration

1. Health Care Degrees

The easiest employable degree in Canada is a health degree. As it stands, health workers are the most surplus in the country due to it’s regard for health practitioners.

If you’re intending to work in Canada today as a holder of any degree in the medical field, Then your chance of gaining access to the country is very high.

Over the years health care in Canada has been greatly prioritized as it expands to all corners of the country with a relatively low number of qualified doctors to balance the population and the available hospitals. This is why the government of Canada has slots open for international immigrants wishing to work in Canada in the health field. Virtually all medical fields like medicine, pharmacy, and nursing are highly demanded.

2. Software Engineering Degree

Again, one of the leading innovative modern technologies is the field of software. For a first world country like Canada, the usefulness of software is relatively high and hence the need for technical qualified workers in the field.

Apart from the medical field, the second most prioritised degree in Canada is engineering degrees with software trumping the field entirely. If you are a holder of a software engineering degree and you want to work in Canada, you are liable to secure a job faster than any other profession.

3. Management Degree

With a lot of industries and organisations in Canada, a management degree is a hot cake in the country. They’re responsible for administration of work in companies as well as making budgets, monitoring and inspecting workers by planning and recruiting officers and other administrative works.

4. Petroleum Engineering

In every country with petroleum deposits, among the highest earners are the petroleum engineers working in the field. They’re responsible for all the petroleum explorations and processing.

Having a degree in petroleum engineering gives you a higher opportunity to live and work in any petroleum company in the country.

5. Finance

Yet another most valuable degree in Canada in terms of employment is the finance field. Financial organizations in Canada are numerous and holders of such degrees can easily find employment opportunities in banks, market mortgage brokers and research analysts.

6. Degree in Geoscience

A degree in Geoscience is also one of the most promising professions in Canada. Having a degree in this field will give you a breakthrough in your employment as you’re liable to see a lot of work in Canada as a professional. Holders of this degree can work in mining industries and petroleum exploration companies. They can as well work in urban projects and environmental consulting.

7. Civil Engineering Degree

Another most employable degree in Canada is the field of civil engineering. Due to the high construction rates in Canada, the demand for civil engineers is very high in the country. If you’re a holder of such a degree, immigration to Canada as a professional worker is very easy and flexible through the employer-based immigration pathway. Workers in this field are easily sponsored through the provincial nominee scheme too.

8. Business Administration

With a lot of business activities in Canada, one of the most employable degrees in Canada is business administration. It has a different variety of job opportunities therein for both foreign and international job seekers who want to work in Canada.

According to Service Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS), the business administration department is one of the busiest in the labor market, having a lot of job opportunities that can accommodate tons of graduates until 2024.

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