Companies In Canada Looking For Foreign Workers 2024

Are you looking for companies in Canada seeking foreign workers in 2021? We’ve got the right information for you. There are lots of Canadian recruitment agencies seeking foreign workers. With this agencies, you can easily apply and get employment without going through much stress as long as you meet their requirements.

These recruitment agencies for the most part, serve as the middlemen between international skilled workers and employing companies. These recruitment agencies are located in many places in Canada and you can choose anywhere you want to apply and work within the country. All that is expected of you is to meet the requirements for both employment and Canada immigration.

This way, you can easily find your way into the county. The Canadian recruitment agencies are working organisations looking for both citizens and foreign international workers looking for jobs within Canada.

Almost everyone can access and use the service of the Canadian recruitment agencies as far as you meet the requirements. More than 90% of companies in Canada use the service of recruitment agencies for both foreign and International applicants.

Companies in Canada looking for foreign workers

You cannot directly apply to all the various companies you want. In-fact, chances are that you may not be aware of companies in need of a worker. This is why you will need the service of a recruiting agent.

Companies In Canada Seeking International Workers Use Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting agencies are forms of middlemen in the Canadian labor market for mostly international job seekers looking forward to work in Canada. They help in gathering all the available work in Canada from all the various companies in need of workers to recruit.

There are many recruiting agencies that work with companies in Canada looking for foreign workers where you can find any types of Job. Some of the famous and reputable recruiting agencies are;

1. Hays Recruitment Canada

Hays Recruitment Canada is an international recruitment agency that has secure jobs for many international job seekers. It operates in about 33 countries with offices in Canada located in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver and many places around Canada.

It is known for having many categories of job for applicants. They are; Banking and finance, Construction and property, Accounting and finance, Human resources, Legal works, Human resources, Logistics, Resources & Mining, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Office Professionals, Procurement & Supply Chain, Tax.

The Hays Recruitment Canada recruitment agency have been in existence for more than 50 years now and still working. You can login to their portal and find any available job of your choice.

2. Global Hire

Global Hire is a reputable recruitment agency in Canada that has helped many international job seekers to secure a job in Canada in fields like trucking, health care, welding, and many  skilled labor markets.

It has its offices located in Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta. If you’re interested in working in Canada today, you can proceed to use the service of Global Hire.

3. Quebec International

The Quebec international recruitment agency as the name implies is strictly for the province of Quebec. Job seekers that are looking for job offers in the province of Quebec can easily apply for any job through this agency.

It is established to enhance and promote the economy of the province of Quebec through hiring international workers to work in the province.

4. Cowan International

Cowan International is an international recruitment agency located in Montreal. It has also helped in recruiting many categories of workers basically in the field of resources, construction, industries and engineering.

If you’re looking for a job in Montreal, you can easily scroll through the Cowan International platform to find all the available jobs therein.

5. Opportunity Alberta

Another reputable recruitment agency in Canada is the opportunity Alberta located in Alberta. It helps mainly in promoting the economy of Alberta province by helping in recruiting adequate workers to work in the province.

The Opportunity Alberta agency is established to help applicants, particularly foreign workers, to find any available job in the province of Alberta.


With its headquarter located in Edmonton, the International Immigration Employment and Recruiting of Canada (IIERC) is a recruitment agency specifically for those looking for employment in Alberta. It has employment opportunities for basically all fields so you can hurry to apply through it if you’re interested in applying for a job in the Alberta province.

7. Work Global Canada

Work Global Canada is a recruitment agency located in St. John’s. It helps international workers to source jobs mostly in the field like healthcare, engineering and agriculture.

8. ELI- EuroLabour Infusion

EuroLabour Infusion is located in the province of Alberta. As a recruitment agency, it has helped many foreigners in obtaining Canada employments in all the various fields.

9. Outpost Recruitment

Another active recruitment agency in Canada is the Outpost recruitment agency. The agency is among the best in securing jobs in the field of construction and engineering.

Outpost recruitment agency can helps both foreign and Canadian citizens, it is located in Vancouver.

10. Island Recruiting

Island Recruiting is a recruiting agency in the province of Prince Edward which has helped both locals and international job seekers.

11. Alliance Online

If you’re looking for jobs in fields like agriculture, construction and automotive servicing, you can use the service of the Alliance Online. It is open for both foreign and Canadian citizens to apply.

12. Diamond Personnel

If you’re looking for jobs in fields like caregivers for elderly people, nannies for children and other household jobs, diamond personnel is a perfect option. It is located in Vancouver for immigrants and Canadian citizens.

Other reputable recruitment agency in Canada are;

  • Drake International located in Toronto
  • Petro Staff International located in Calgary
  • Renard International located in Toronto
  • Michael Page 
  • Hire Immigrants

Recruitments Agencies fees

Recruitment agencies are organisations that work independently on their own. They’re main work is to go through the companies and organisation in Canada that are in need of employees and then publish them for easy access by job applicants.

For this reason, after using the service of any recruitment agency in Canada, you will pay a certain amount of money for the service fee. These charges vary according to how difficult the process of the job is. The higher the difficulty of the job, the higher the recruitment agency fee and vice versa.

The charges normally range from 15% to about 25% of the first annual salary. The charges will be discussed initially during the course of the application.

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