Coca-Cola Foundation Partners FATE Foundation for Orange Corners Nigeria Entrepreneurship Program

In an empowering alliance, The Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded a grant to FATE Foundation in support of the Orange Corners Nigeria (OCN) Programs. Launched in Nigeria in 2019 by the Kingdom of The Netherlands in partnership with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Lagos, Orange Corners Nigeria focuses on nurturing youth entrepreneurship through a Business Incubator, an innovation fund, and a student ambassador program.

The official partnership ceremony held at FATE Foundation’s Lagos office witnessed the presence of The Coca-Cola Foundation and FATE Foundation teams, FATE School, Orange Corner Nigeria Alumni, current OCN members, and student ambassadors.

Expressing gratitude, Adenike Adeyemi, the Executive Director of FATE Foundation, emphasized, “This partnership with The Coca-Cola Foundation will significantly impact our efforts to empower young Nigerians on their entrepreneurial journey and create sustainable economic opportunities for them.”

Echoing this sentiment, Michiel van der Pompe from The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs praised the initiative’s focus on filling the crucial gap of training and support for Nigerian youth. He lauded OCN for nurturing the energy and innovation displayed by Nigerian youth, acknowledging their deservingness of support.

At the ceremony, current OCN cohort incubatees and alumni shared inspiring stories about their businesses, emphasizing the positive influence of the OCN program. They also highlighted the challenges encountered as aspiring entrepreneurs.

Saadia Madsbjerg, President of The Coca-Cola Foundation, expressed belief in the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship to drive significant economic growth. Madsbjerg affirmed the Foundation’s commitment to fostering youth entrepreneurship in Nigeria, anticipating a ripple effect of prosperity that will benefit communities and the broader Nigerian economy.