How To Check If A Job Offer Letter Is Genuine In Canada

The rate at which people find and get jobs in Canada has increased over the years. Apart from the advantages getting a job in Canada can bring, it has also brought problems, especially for immigrant or foreign employees.

With risks of human trafficking and increase kidnap reports, it is advisable to check whether your job offer letter from Canada is genuine or not.

There are only a few ways to do this, as checking for genuineness requires carefulness and knowledge.

Getting A Job In Canada As A Foreigner

With the assistance of the government of Canada, organizations in Canada looking for workers have to follow a set of strictly set rules. From these rules, you can easily smell any unusual circumstance.

One of the first rules stipulated by the government of Canada is that both you and the company you’ll be working for, have to sign a kind of contract.

In fact, the government of Canada acts as a kind of Escrow between you and the organization. This is to ensure fair play by both parties involved in the contract. Additionally, the Canadian government provides voluminous resources to help these companies and organizations assess competency, documents, and experience reports.

What is a Job Offer Letter?

When a foreign candidate is selected, all Canadian organizations are mandated to issue a job offer letter. The job offer letter is the letter that is required for candidates to get their Canadian work permit, legal and stamped.

Foreign employees who hope to work in Canada need a job offer letter to obtain all the necessary documentation to get into Canada legally.

Verification Process To Check Canada Job Offer Letter Genuineness

The Contact method

This way of verifying Job offer letters is easy-peasy. It’s a very simple and trusted method. Using the contact information in the letter, visit the social media pages and websites of the company. Check for any malicious stint, such as impersonation or little evidence of the physical existence of the company.

Send E-mail messages to the e-mail(s) given in the job offer letter. Try sending messages to the phone numbers provided too. You can also Use Whatsapp but please, try to sound professional messages only.

Canadian authorities also detect fake job offer letters. So, detecting that the letter is fake before going to Canada saves you from embarrassment, wastage of funds, and your own precious time.

Another thing is to make sure that the job offer letter contains all terms and conditions of the contract, work hours, and all other information, including contract termination.

If the contract was meant to contain bonuses, accommodation, or payment clauses, make sure that everything is included in the job offer letter. This is apart from the inclusion of your Job Description too, well detailed. This gives you an easier trip and enables you to plan your stay in Canada meticulously.

Detecting illegal Job Offer Letters using the guidelines of the Canadian government

Illegal job offer letters are sometimes from scammers and traffickers who may steal your money or use you illegally when you get into Canada. Always remember that on no account will a Canadian company ask you for any payment or whatsoever for offering you a job. Only HR services may take money, but most of these only take money after getting the job they sourced for you.

Do not pay any money or send private information to unverified mails and sites. This reduces your security and information risk.

The Canadian government has stipulated guidelines and rules regarding the specifications of job descriptions, clauses, and terms and conditions.

Thoroughly checking the profile of the company also helps. Send a mail to the Ministry in charge of registering businesses to ask for verification of the business.

Rejecting or Accepting Job Offer Letters

The best way of rejecting a job offer from Canada is to do so before signing the contract. If you’ve signed the contract, you can only reject the offer in the way it was stated in the contract you signed. Sometimes, you may have to pay the amount stipulated in the contract.

This can be avoided by carefully reading the terms and conditions and termination terms before signing the contract or rejecting the offer before signing it.

How To Tell If Job Offer Letter Is Genuine Or Not?

Under the aegis of the government of Canada, The IRCC, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Agency of Canada stipulates the minimum requirements that a job offer letter must contain.

This helps keep the employee secure and well informed and helps the government screen out fake letters from illegal or unregistered companies.

It is stated that a job offer letter must consist of the following details:

Payment (Salary/Wage/Remuneration)

Salary or payment for your service has to be clearly specified in your job offer letter. This makes sure that both parties do not end up getting into any conflict regarding payment or salary.

Job Description

This should have, in fact, overflowing details. The Canadian authorities want to know as much as they can about your job details. The job offer letter should specify what post you’ll be holding or the service you’ll be rendering.

Conditions of Service

Location of the workplace, work hours, boundaries, terms, and conditions are some things that should be present in your job offer letter.

Where to verify Job offer from Canada

Two government institutions are in charge of checking for the authenticity of a job offer letter from Canada. Firstly, there is the IRCC, Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada, and then the ESDC, Employment & Social Development Canada.


In order to avoid waste of time and effort, it is better to contact the concerned authorities and do the necessary checks before traveling to Canada.

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