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10 Common Interview Questions (With Answers)

Are you currently faced with an interview? Like the saying goes “practice makes perfect” I guarantee you that practicing the common interview questions that you will likely face during interviews can help you ace the interview. There are several types of interview questions which are; the mostly asked interview questions (common questions), behavioral interview questions, and situational interview questions. They

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8 Marketing Job Interview Questions (With Answers)

I understand people often get scared of the marketing job interview questions they might be faced with.  Going through some of the common marketing job interview questions and answers will help you face and triumph in the interview. Marketing job interview questions can be intimidating & overwhelming. But knowing the basics in marketing and the core processes, you won’t even

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Employable Digital Skills for Fresh Graduates and Job seekers

Top Employable Digital Skills for Fresh Graduates and Job seekers Obtaining the right degrees and excellent grades are an ideal combination for getting shortlisted for an interview or employment but often times getting the employment means you want to have developed skills in other areas too. There’s an un-ending debate about the talents employers may require and also the skill youth gain whilst in school. With the transitioning of learning processes given the arrival of the digital age, employers look out for

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