American Business Council Launches Cybersecurity Learning Hub In Nigeria

The American Business Council Nigeria, in collaboration with its partners, is set to inaugurate a cybersecurity learning hub on December 19, 2023. This virtual initiative follows the ABC Cyber Hackathon event held in October and aims to deliver cybersecurity training modules, fostering greater cybersecurity awareness among Nigerian youths.

Reports from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (TBIGC) reveal a growing shortfall of 100,000 certified cybersecurity professionals across the African continent. As digital transactions, particularly through mobile platforms, surge in Africa, experts anticipate a rise in cyber threats. With 41 percent of Africa’s population under 15 years old and an estimated 120 million new young mobile phone users projected to emerge in the near future, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes increasingly critical.

The ABC emphasized the importance of building and reinforcing cybersecurity capabilities through educational initiatives, training, innovation, research, and policy development as long-term strategies to safeguard Africa’s digital space. This includes cultivating a culture of cybersecurity awareness and resilience across both public and private sectors through national campaigns and collaborative efforts.

The launch event will feature a special dialogue focusing on fostering an inclusive cyberspace and improving cyber security accessibility in Africa. High-level industry specialists will highlight challenges and opportunities within Nigeria’s cybersecurity and digital realms during this conversation.

The American Business Council Nigeria aims to attract cyber enthusiasts from the educational sector, offering cybersecurity training opportunities and competitions to bridge the gap in Nigeria’s digital sector and address challenges within the cyber ecosystem.

Margaret Olele, the CEO/Executive Secretary of the American Business Council, expressed excitement about the cybersecurity hub’s launch, highlighting the collaboration with partners such as Comercio, Cisco, and the University of Lagos. She emphasized the hub’s role in nurturing essential talent and filling crucial organizational cybersecurity roles.

The launch event will be live-streamed on various American Business Council Nigeria platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, providing widespread access to this important initiative.