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Christopher Kings & Associates (CK&A)

About Us

Christopher Kings & Associates (CK&A) is a Business Strategy Consulting firm with specialty in Business Strategy and Management, SME Development and Training and Development Services. Since inception in 2008, we have been working closely with corporate organizations, development partners and government agencies to craft and implement strategies for attaining progressive corporate achievement, stimulate SME establishment and growth potential as well as boost their competitiveness in the market and help organizations to gain return on loyalty, creativity and productivity from its workforce.

Over the years, our commitment to helping our clients to optimize business performance has exposed us to an array of consulting opportunities. We have since then increased our technical depth and by deploying a unique combination of consulting and training solutions, we have built the capacity to assist both private and public sector organizations in driving meaningful change targeted towards attaining their strategic goals. At CK&A, our engagement team comprise of subject matter experts with proven experience on spearheading the delivery of demanding enterprise-sized projects.