8 Marketing Job Interview Questions (With Answers)

I understand people often get scared of the marketing job interview questions they might be faced with.  Going through some of the common marketing job interview questions and answers will help you face and triumph in the interview.

Marketing job Interview QuestionsMarketing job interview questions can be intimidating & overwhelming. But knowing the basics in marketing and the core processes, you won’t even fret the interview.

Notably, various industries have their set of marketing job interview questions they ask their candidates during the interview process. But generally, there are some common marketing job interview questions that are likely to come up in any company you are applying for.

I will be showing you some basic marketing job interview questions and answers that will guide you through such interviews., in this guide.

Marketing job Interview Questions

Below are the likely marketing job interview questions you should be ready to tackle in your marketing interview. It is best you take your time to go through these questions and answers until you can easily attempt to answer the questions with ease without sounding like someone who is literally reciting a poem.

#1: What motivated you to pursue a career in marketing?

This is likely one of the direct marketing job interview question you might be faced with first in your interview. It is an open-ended question, which means you are free to express yourself and tell a story about how you developed interest in marketing. This can be something you developed from childhood, what you learnt in school, previous job or internships, or even an advised given to you.

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Sample answer: “I have always had a strong creative side and interest in visual arts. I started my own business while in school creating simple websites and promotional materials for local businesses. I think that experience combined with my education really solidified marketing as my career of choice, and I’m really excited to be interviewing for this opportunity.”

#2: How would you respond to a customer that left a negative review of our product?

When recruiters ask marketing job interview questions like this, they want to know if you feel comfortable talking about the issue of negative attention. Whether or not you can come up with a technique that can turn negative attention to positive branding.

Also, this type of marketing job interview questions can help manager learn if you see negative posts as opportunity for improvement rather than setback.

Sample answer: “I would take the opportunity as a representative of the brand to address the customer in a respectful and holistic way, assuring them that our brand feels accountable to giving the customer a happy experience while discussing how we can best accomplish that in the customer’s future interactions with our brand.”


#3: Tell us about a product that you successfully marketed & what were your strategies?

This is also one of the essential marketing job interview questions that are open-ended in the sense that you need to discuss your answer. Employers want to learn from what you discuss about your process of creating and implementing marketing plan.

They want to know if the strategy you implemented is a reputable one, in the sense that when implemented in the company can also result to success.

Sample answer: “I was charged with introducing a new brand at a tech conference in Abuja or Lagos (as the case may be). We created a strategy that involved physical signage and giveaways at the conference center, along with a Twitter account that posted about the next locations where customers could find our product. We integrated the campaign with general conference tweets through the use of hashtags. It was a lot of fun.””


#4:  What do you think are the most essential skills for a career in marketing?

This is an important marketing job interview question that is very likely to come up in your interview.  Although it is a basic question, employers ask it to see if you understand what skills and abilities are essential for the position you are applying.

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An easy trick to perfectly answer this question is to review the job description, and include the key skills found there in your answers.

Sample answer: “First of all, I think great communication skills are essential. A marketer needs to understand the requirements of the client and be able to present ideas and concepts. Being able to stay organized and work in a fast-paced environment is also an essential skill. I think being proactive and trying to anticipate client needs is also very valuable.”

#5: Tell me about a marketing campaign you conducted that wasn’t successful and what you learnt from it?

Regardless of the position you are applying, you are most likely going to experience failure. Employers know about that. So they ask this question to understand how you deal with failure.

They want to know if you are always discouraged by failure, or whether you learn from failure and how you implement the lessons you learnt.

Sample answer: “There was a brand I marketed that did not gain much engagement online from customers. In research done after the campaign, we learnt that our sense of who the customer was inaccurate and the true customer should be targeted differently. We adjusted our marketing language and targeted differently via ads and outreach and experienced greater success the next time.”



#6: What social media channels are you familiar with for marketing?

This is one of the revolutionary marketing job interview questions that employers tend always ask nowadays. As a marketer, maybe a social media marketer, you are expected to be familiar with all the well known effective social media channels for marketing.All what the Employers wants to know, is your level of experience using these platforms.

Sample answer: “I have experience using varieties of social media channels in my personal life and also have my professional profile set up too. I am accustomed to using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram for marketing, which involves running paid ads and also utilizing all the available tools in each platform.”

#7: How would you manage a new product launch?

This is one of the tactical marketing job interview questions you should prepare for before going for the interview. The employer wants to know how valuable you are leading and motivating other team members and departments.

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Are you team player or not?

Product launches involves a great deal of courage and management. If you are able to pull through this question, it shows that you are a prominent candidate for the role. Besides, we have a perfect answers you can make use to pull through this question.

Sample answer: “To start off, I would determine the launch date and work backward to establish a schedule and timeline. I would look at what resources and people the launch needs to be successful and establish a project team that would meet regularly throughout the launch process.”

#8: How do you stay updated on marketing trends?

As a marketer, it is important to be current on marketing trends in order to be effective in the role. Employers are curious to know how you get equipped with current marketing trends knowledge, and how passionate you are about gaining latest knowledge on marketing campaigns and strategies.

Sample answer: “There are some great marketing blogs and newsletters that I subscribe to that make staying up-to-date really easy. And also, attending networking events and conferences has also helped me to stay up-to-date on marketing trends. I hope to attend more of these events when I join you here”


Marketing is a key position in any organization, which is why it is very crucial & imperative to properly evaluate the candidates for its position. With the above marketing interview questions you should be good to succeed at your interview thereby landing yourself the job.

That is it on my guide on marketing job interview questions with sample answers.

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