6 Tips on How To kickstart your Career as a fresh graduate, No 5 will Shock you

6 Tips you need as a Fresh Graduate to kickstart your career, No 5 will Shock you

As a matter of fact,  how you kickstart your career as a fresh graduate can go a long way in determining how your professional success or failure will be.  So let me start by asking you this question, are you a fresh graduate or did you recently round up your National Youth Service? Well i will say a big congratulations to you all the same; all the years you have been attending classes, tutorials, studying and getting good or bad grades has finally come to an end and thank God you made it.

I hope you know Life is in competitive phases and of course you just stepped into another one. Apparently, being a fresh graduate can be confusing as I don’t know what narratives/clues about unemployment you might have come across out there. Although many are true,  while some are just mere exaggeration. This is why it is important for you to do things in a unique form and ‘take the bull by the horn’ if you must get accelerate in your endeavors.

The most popular question for fresh graduates, is usually, ‘what’s next?’ This is a critical question that an assertive and genuine answer, although if you have you answers ready, we ask that  you join us as we share these tips on how you can accelerate your career to get steps ahead in your job search.

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1. Write a Professional CV, Cover Letter and Profile.

Write yourself a good CV

Your Resume (CV), cover letter and professional online job search profile is the best representation you need handy before any employer decides to invite you for an interview or not. These are very important to how you will have to wait for an opportunity to avail itself. Ensure they are properly crafted and keep errors to a very minimal level.

Your online job search profile on Jobmulla or other professional social media platform should have enough substance to convince employers who look online to uphold your professionalism. These online job platforms also offer you another opportunity to be easily seen by employers even without applying for job openings.

As a graduate, ensure your resume or CV and cover letter speaks volumes about your skills and optimism to learn and if you need help with a CV, don’t slack in getting a professionally written CV.


2. Search for Internships and Volunteer Jobs

As a   fresh graduate you have to set a goal  to learn as much as you can, and no other place offers you such as much as internships and volunteer jobs. The experience you will gain with internships and volunteer jobs will some days translate into being able to land more job opportunities over a while.

Bare in mind that the goal of any internship program is not to reward your effort with money but for learning and gaining hands-on experience. Whether you are waiting for NYSC or done with it, find yourself internships or volunteer jobs to gain necessary experience  opportunities for future purposes.

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3. Take advantage of Job Listing Websites and Social Media Pages.

Technology has long changed the way career professionals search and find jobs. Simply register, complete your profile and start applying for suitable jobs. Ensure you make use of jobs sites, social media and apps like Google Jobs, which partnered Jobberman to provide filtered job notifications to job seekers.

Set up email notifications on job site, network your social media connections and inform them about opportunities you are looking for to extend your reach and ability to find jobs shared across social media.

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4. Source for Additional Skills

From our survey on graduates, one thing that is common among fresh graduates is the thought that their University degree is enough and no need to acquire extra skill. Dear fresh graduate, your University degree is great but not all you need to start your career because the workplace requires even more skills.

Research and acquire in-demand skills within your industry or career of choice and you would put yourself in a better position to enjoy a fulfilling career kickstart.

5. Network

A lot of people tend to water down or despise this tip, Seek for professionals  on your path to jump-starting your career. connect and keep good relationships with your new and old friends.  A mentor for you as a fresh graduate may not necessarily be a top-level career professional. If you have access to them, that is fine but if not, anyone with a job in your sphere of choice with 3-5 years of experience can teach you and guide you on mistakes and things you can do to get ahead.

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6. Conclusions on How to Kickstart Your Career

One of the great resolution to live with is to ensure that everyone’s experience should not be yours. You can learn from theirs and ensure you don’t make the same mistake. Unemployment rates maybe at an all-time high but jobs are available for you if you have certain skills set that employers are looking for. Focus on developing yourself to be the person that lands job opportunities.

As a fresh graduate, we advice you don’t get caught in the loop of no longer creating value for yourself thru self development apart from your BSc certificate. By this, we don’t suggest another degree. Rather, you can channel your effort into abilities required for particular jobs and industries of activity as a fresh graduate.

I will Looking forward to hearing your great career kickstart stories. Go conquer and build an amazing career because ‘yes, you can.

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