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5 Things To Do After NYSC Service Year-Life After NYSC The Reality



life-after NYSC- 5 things to do after NYSC Jobmulla.com

life-after NYSC- 5 things to do after NYSC Jobmulla.com

Bellow are some of the Ideas on What To Do After NYSC Year or The 5 Things To Do After NYSC Service Year


  1. Optimize your entrepreneurial  skill
  2. Don’t Listen to Pessimist (Be Positive)
  3. Have a Prudent Lifestyle
  4. Up Your Job Search
  5. Keep a Healthy Life

For sure I can honestly say to you that Your life after NYSC Begins after reading this article, First and foremost I will like to congratulate  fresh Nigerian graduates and keep being steadfast even as you have taken 12 months of your life to serve your fatherland Nigeria.

Most Time, lots of Corp Members are often faced with the questions like: What to do after your NYSC? How to get a job after NYSC?, Business to do after NYSC?  Ideas on What To Do After NYSC Year?, which are very much important question to ask as we speak.



Just Recently the National Youth Service Corp scheme came under attacks for not being relevant as it pose to be, well as a matter of my opinion I do not totally agree with this view point, I would rather love to see an upgrade, a revamp or an overhaul of the scheme and it should be optimized in a such way that benefits the individual and the labour Market.


So before you start with the article, I would like to ask you a few question: what are your plans for life after NYSC service Year? what’s next for you? what will be your next move? I must honestly tell you this for free that the following tips that is carefully outlined will help you be on the right track,  Read, Like & share..……………..



1.Optimize your entrepreneurial  skill

Your path thru life after NYSC will largely depend on how much investment you have made on your skills. Are you interested in a career or being an entrepreneur? spend lots of  time to make research and build a very rich entrepreneurial skill, passions and interest. The best way to build a career kind of life is to take on several quarterly internship opportunities in your areas of interest and if you are interested in business, find someone doing a similar thing you want to go into, learn from their mistakes for heads up and have you land a better start.


Give time to self development content in the area of your interest, Life after service some times can throw you off balance, you need to take charge of every bit of your career or skill.

  1. Don’t Listen to Pessimist/Be Positive 

Don’t let fear stop you, rather allow it motivate you. There are several job opportunity out there just get yourself prepare for it and keep you head up. The jobs out there are for you only if & when you have the right skills-set to obtain them, ensure you are employable. Employability is having the right skill required to fill up a position. I advice that you take skill and employability training to improve your knowledge and ability to land a job. When you find a job, just prepare yourself and don’t fret.

Things To Do After NYSC

  1. Have a Prudent Lifestyle

The bitter truth for most for most people, will be that their parents and uncles they could easily get off extra money off will no longer be easily available and even if you had your own source of income, this is time to invest wisely and have yourself in more prudent lifestyle. Cut your expenses and save as much as possible, you will be thankful you did this later. Obviously it is better and wise to save as much as you can over short period of time.

  1. Up Your Job Search

Do not your little beginning, invest in a good resume (CV) writing, Optimize your job search profile, Study all you can about the interview process and narrow your job search. You can read on how to HOW TO PERFORM WELL AT INTERVIEWS (With Some Basic Interview Question)  Take for instance  that you have interest in Customer Service, focus your application on jobs in those areas but also remember never to despise  starting small. Internships are a great entry into building a career. Build your network around resourceful people.

  1. Keep a Healthy Life

Invest in other activities that keep your physical and mental health in check. Life after NYSC can come lots of worries, anxiety, depression and stress arising from the pressures of job search. I have been there and I can tell you, you need to keep yourself in good physical and mental shape.

This would help you handle the stress of job search and a job when you eventually find one. If you feel overwhelmed either by your search or on a job, speak up there’s no stigma in doing so.


You can also drop a comment below for help on the 5 Things To Do After NYSC Service Year, it will be my pleasure to guide and help you through the afore mentioned process.



 Conclusions On the The 5 Things To Do After NYSC Service Year or What To Do After NYSC Year

The way we perform at school never plays out in real life scenario and it is never the way to perform in life. Life has do with a lot of process, ones destination may not be the other person’s destination. Grades are important but very temporary, the right knowledge, skills and experience will have you forge ahead.

Always seize every opportunity to up skill and improve on yourself in other words keep adding value to yourself.


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