10 Common Interview Questions (With Answers)

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Are you currently faced with an interview? Like the saying goes “practice makes perfect” I guarantee you that practicing the common interview questions that you will likely face during interviews can help you ace the interview.

There are several types of interview questions which are; the mostly asked interview questions (common questions), behavioral interview questions, and situational interview questions. They are the most frequently asked questions during interviews.

10 Common Interview Questions (With Answers)

In this article I’ll be listing a 10 common interview questions with answers  that if well practiced, can help you succeed in your next interview.

Common Interview Questions with Answers

Below are the possible questions that you will most likely encounter during any interview regardless of the industry.

Common interview questions #1

Can you tell us about yourself?


Most Preferred Answer:“I’ve been in the banking industry for over four years, primarily working in account and project management roles. I recently worked as a senior PM for a large health company doing account management and overseeing other project managers. And now I’m looking to expand my experience across different industries, particularly a tech industry like yours, and I believe with my experience/ expertise I will be able to give the company the best.”

Common interview questions #2

What is your salary expectation?

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Most Preferred Answer:“While I am certainly flexible for proper negotiation, I am looking forward to receiving between #100,000 – #150,000 monthly. Based on my experience and skills, I believe the range is comfortable and appropriate one for my position.”

Common interview questions #3

What your motivation ?

Most Preferred Answer:“I’m a result driven person. I like it when I have a concrete goal to meet and enough time to figure out a strong strategy in accomplishing my task. At my last job, our yearly goals were very aggressive, but I worked with my manager and the rest of my team to figure out a month-by-month strategy for meeting the year-end numbers. It was a real thrill to accomplish that, I felt so good and wish to experience same here”

Common interview questions #4

What are your career goals?

Most Preferred Answer: “In the short term, one of my goals is to continual self development, as a full stack web developer. I want to help brands create world-class robust websites. In addition, I would be looking into the mobile app development field. I’ve come to realize that websites and mobile app has a link. I will love to apply this skill set to establish you company as one of the top in the industry.”

Common interview questions #5

How would you describe yourself?

Most Preferred Answer: I’m a creative thinker, zealous and a team player. I like to explore alternative solutions to problems, and I have an open mind about what will work best. My creativity has made me an effective team leader because I can anticipate problems and proffer solutions to them.

Common interview questions #6

Why should we hire you?

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Most Preferred Answer: “After working in this same position with another organization for more than eight years, I successfully managed a team of 12 in our marketing department where I was responsible for approving and managing budgets and developing creative campaigns. In fact, one campaign I oversaw generated a 14% increase in awareness among our target demographic. Now, I’m ready to spread my wings at a company of your size.”

Common interview questions #7

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Most Preferred Answer: “My goal right now is to find a position at a company where I can grow and take on new challenges over time. Ultimately, I’d like to assume more management responsibilities and get involved in product strategy. But most importantly, I want to work for an organization where I can build a career and self develop.”

Common interview questions #8

What are your weaknesses?

Most Preferred Answer: “Although i struggle with organization but it hasn’t ever impacted my performance, I’ve noticed my messy desk and cluttered inbox nonetheless could interfere with my efficiency. Over time, I’ve learnt to set aside time to organize my physical and digital space, and I’ve seen it drastically improve my efficiency levels throughout the week.”

Common interview questions #9

What are your strengths?

Most Preferred Answer: “I consider my leadership skills to be one of my greatest strengths. During my time as a department head, I successfully merged two teams and organized training programs for all team members to ensure that everyone was confident in their new role. As a result, we were able to increase sales by 5% within our first month as a new team.”

Common interview questions #10

Why would you like to work here?

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Most Preferred Answer: “This company has a wonderful reputation as a great place to work. You place high value on your employees and encourage them to learn, grow, and innovate inside the company. This means that employees happily work here for many years, far beyond the average length with one employer. And, according to your customers, the high quality of your products and services reflect your high employee satisfaction, which is not surprising. This feels like a win-win-win for stockholders, employees, and customers, and I would be very happy to join this organization.”

Conclusion: I want to assure you that reading and practicing these Common interview questions will do nothing but to help you ace your interview performance thereby landing yourself the preferred job.

Nevertheless i hope this article helps you proffer solutions to any nerve cracking interview question; i’d be glad to hear from you and in any way i can help you with some of your questions.

You can drop some of your question or opinions below the comment section and you can also share with your friends.


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